Sunday, May 01, 2005

FOUND!! - Switchboard 1976 Whitman Board Game

Kiley emailed us with this request:
I wanted to ask about a board game: Switchboard (Whitman, circa 1976). I have been looking for this for about a year, and I would LOVE to get ahold of a set! :-)

Swithboard 1976 Whitman Board Game

If you can help Kiley out, please Contact Us, and we will give your email address to him.

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Searching for a vintage collectible Origianlly posted 01/10/06


scriblegurl said...


ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

THANK YOu so much for posting my request! You're terrific. :-) Thanks so much as well to anyone who might know where I can get ahold of it.


Dirty Butter said...

More than happy to try to help you find your game! eBay used to let you get an email notice if something with your search terms came up for sale, but I think they may have dropped that feature. Too bad.

Dirty Butter said...

Hi to you, too, scriblegurl. Come back and stay awhile, won't you?

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

I've been checking eBay every once in awhile; hopefully something will come up! :-)

Dirty Butter said...

I'll try to remember to check eBay, too, plus we'll keep our eyes open for it as we go to yard sales and estate sales.

Help her out, folks! I bet somebody reading this has one tucked back in the back of a closet somewhere or down in the basement, right??

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

I HAVE FOUND THE GAME!!!!! Yeah! I ran across an eBay advertisement last night just a few hours after it was posted, and the guy must have felt sorry for me (after I contacted him and said that I would pay up to $100 if he'd just let me take it straight)...because he pulled the auction and sold it directly to me for $20. :-) He even sent it FedEx with no extra charge, and I have it now! get the point...I'm a wee bi enthusiastic.

(Mind if I link to your blog? There are so many of my readers who I think may be interested in sifting through your site!).


Dirty Butter said...

WONDERFUL!! You have every right to be excited.

Care to share with us why this game meant so much, if not here then on your own blog? No pressure ... just curious.

Link away, lady, and I do appreciate it!

Viann said...

I would also like to find the Switchboard game (Whitman, circa 1976) I use to play this as a kid. I lost pieces and my mom still won't let me forget about it. I would like to find one for her.