Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nostalgia Quiz #1 - Ever Heard of the California Perfume Company?

This company was started by David McConnell in 1886 in New York City. He originally created only 5 perfume scents in an office/laboratory no larger than 20x25 feet.

(There's a picture of a set of their products at the top of our blog. We sold this set this year, almost 100 years after it was made!)

His first Traveling Agent (door to door salesperson) was a Mrs. Albee, who became known as the Mother of the California Perfume Company. She quickly recruited more Agents and Mr. McConnell added to the product line.

This was the small beginning of one of America's most enduring businesses. Through Mrs. Albee's work, this company became a leader in providing employment to women outside the home, something that was relatively rare in Victorian America.

The name of the company was changed in 1939. Do you know the current name of this company?

Do I need to give you a hint? More to follow ...



Dirty Butter said...

Need a hint?

Ding Dong

Mr. Bee said...

Could it be Avon calling?

At first I thought of Mary Kaye and those pink Cadillacs but the Ding Dong led me in another direction.

I like to think I'm great at trivia, so if I'm wrong...please don't tell me. I can't bear to be wrong about much of anything and YET...there are all those times that I have been. Go figure.

Dirty Butter said...

Mrs. Albee would be proud of you, Mr. Bee! Avon it is!!

Avon from time to time uses those California Perfume Company vintage designs for anniversary editions, but these vintage originals are sought after by serious Avon collectors.

In case you're interested, we sold this 1916 Baby Set, with one bottle missing, for almost $200.00.