Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat - 50's Style - Oooooo the TREATS!!

Not only do I remember the Halloween walk from door to door with my friends, but most of all I remember the great TREATS!

In those days a lot of our neighbors made homemade candy apples, Rice Krispy balls, chocolate candy, and wonderfully decorated cupcakes. There were apples and oranges, plus an assortment of store bought candy, too. And at many of the houses we were all invited in to have our costumes oooed and ahhhed over. I always ended up with a huge bag of great goodies by the end of the night.

None of us, the ghosts and goblins or their parents, were the least bit concerned about us eating all of those unwrapped goodies. The thought that someone could intentionally try to hurt us never crossed any of our minds! Quite a far cry from tonight, when many police stations and hospitals will be set up to X-ray all the little ghosts' and goblins' candy, and most children will not be allowed to eat any unwrapped treats.

I wonder what would happen in this day and time to our across the back alley neighbor. Her daughter was one of my best friends, and I remember her mom invited all of us inside to eat these delicious looking chocolate candies.

She couldn't contain her laughter when she saw the startled looks on all our faces, as we quickly spit them out. She had dipped cotton balls in yummy chocolate, and I can still feel that yucky edge as my teeth squeaked when I bit down. It was every bit as bad as scratching fingernails on a chalkboard, for sure, but it's a childhood memory that I still enjoy each Halloween.

I grew up in a more innocent time, and if you're too young to have enjoyed the pure naive pleasure of Halloweens past, you've missed something precious.

Do you make special Halloween desserts, or do you decorate the house? What did you do this Halloween that will be a lasting good memory for you and your children?

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Dirty Butter said...

I think you'll enjoy reading about another blogger's Halloween candy memories on Random Thoughts:Halloween Nostalgia

Jackie said...

Sadly we don't have Halloween here like they do in the States even though many have UK ancestors or were born there and anyway not safe to walk around the streets nowadays. Must be great fun.

MsDemmie said...

My childhood Halloween memories are similar - all natural foods, apples, fruit, home made cakes and jellies.

Such a shame that we have lost this.

Dirty Butter said...

It surprises me that Halloween is not celebrated in the UK, Jackie, since so many of our customs come from there.

Dirty Butter said...

I agree, msdemmie, that it is our children's loss that they do not get the homemade goodies any more.

Jackie said...

It probably is in some areas. We will have to ask Naomi that one. I know Pagans here in South Africa and there in the UK celebrate although it goes under differnet names.

This year out the blue in my complex I got a note to say some kiddies will be doing Trick or Treat so it will be a first for me and be fun to see what they dress up in.

Dirty Butter said...

OOps, lost track of where you lived, Jackie. Of course the way Halloween is celebrated by most people in the US has little or nothing to do with the way some people celebrate it as a religious event.

Sandy Carlson said...

So many folks try to reclaim that innocence by creating small events where kids can celebrate among people they know. I guess knowing your neighbors is a thing of the past, too.

We love to make caramel apples for Halloween. It's a wonderful mess!

Janey Loree said...

I had "Trick or Treat - 60's Style" and still be didn't have to worry about being hurt by the candy 'n' things we had gathered. I remember being disappointed when we trick or treated at our piano teachers' house. She gave us caramel candies...I could get those every week during my piano lesson!!!

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Cecile said...

I grew up in the 60s and this practice was just ending due to the "drug" scare. Everyone was so afraid that drugs would end up in the candy! Too bad :(

Dirty Butter said...

We live in a very small rural town, where most of the people know each other. But even here, Sandy, our town's children Trick or Treat at our church, where we turn our whole parking lot into a Trunk or Treat event, with local bands playing, blow up Bouncer, games, food, etc. Each child who gets candy also gets some kind of tract of a religious nature. Our town of about 2000 has about 500 children go through our Trunk or Treat each year.

Safety IS the big issue, isn't it!

Dirty Butter said...

LOL, Janey Loree, I can understand why you were disappointed with your piano teacher! Halloween is for special treats!!

Dirty Butter said...

Cecile, I know what you mean about the 60's being the beginning of the end of Halloween as I knew it as a child.

We had to stop parents from sending homemade goodies to our school parties, because one of our teachers was drugged via some cookies!!!