Sunday, November 13, 2005

Nostalia Quiz #2 - Kitchen Glasses?

All of these kitchen beverage sets come from about the same time period. Care to take a guess as to when they were commonly used?

Federal automobile glassware set
We lucked up a couple of months ago and found this Federal glass set, still in the original packaging. That meant I didn't have to go looking for the trademark to identify the manufacturer.

These glasses didn't have a manufacturer's mark on the bottom, so there was no way to be absolutely sure of the age, but the estates they were found in gave some pretty good clues.

Red Polka Dot on White Glass Beverage Set

White Vintage Bicycle Built for Two on Dark Green Beverage Glasses

The reason it's so helpful to find a maker's mark is that trademark designs change over the years, and that helps to date a vintage item fairly well.

I don't know what it is about these kinds of vintage kitchen collectibles, but I'm always drawn to them when we find them at estate sales. Maybe it's because they are part of my childhood memories. If that hint is not enough, I'll be putting another hint in the comments in a few days.

So, did you have some like these at home? Can you give them an approximate age?

We always have a variety of collectible glasses up for auction, so you might want to look at what we have on eBay right now.

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Mr. Bee said...

I remember using some of those during the 50s and 60s. I remember them because I had to do a rotation schedule with my two older sisters and wash dishes when it was my turn.

Dirty Butter said...

Right again, Mr. Bee!! I, too, remember washing these in the 50's and hurrying to get to my favorite radio shows and later, TV shows.

One way to spot the originals is to look for signs of dishwasher detergent scratches. Most estate sales that have the real thing don't have dishwashers in them, or these glasses were stored and haven't been in use for years.