Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The REAL Meaning of Christmas

I have many great memories of Christmas as Jesus' Birthday. But my memories are not so much from my own childhood, where Santa was the main character, as from our own children's early years.

We made a conscious decision as young parents to make sure our girls grew up with the emphasis on Jesus, not Santa. My DH and I always put them to bed on Christmas Eve by sitting on the bed together as a family and reading out loud the Christmas story from Luke. There's just no way for me to adequately describe the feeling of warmth and closeness that memory brings.

Our grown daughter has a birthday party for the baby Jesus each year with her children, so we must have made an impression.

If you'd like to read more about one blogger's view of Christmas as a Christian celebration, you'll find plenty of thought provoking posts on Christmas=The Birth of Jesus.

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susan said...

We weren't allowed to put Jesus in the manger until we went to bed on Christmas Eve because he wasn't born yet :-) We always hid him in the bar in our living room until the day to put him in the manger. One year we left him in the whiskey glass, LOL

Dirty Butter said...

LOL! We never thought about hiding Baby Jesus!

As for the whiskey glass, he did turn water to wine, right?