Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Year's Superstitions, Anyone?

My mother always made sure all the Christmas decorations were put up before New Year's Eve. She always said it was bad luck to leave them up for the New Year.

She didn't believe in jinxes, any more than I do, but to this day I still make sure every piece of decoration is put up before New Year's Eve. I think it's just a fun tradition, that always reminds me of my mother, and, besides, it keeps me from procrastinating LOL!

So, do you still have your tree up? Do you make sure you eat black eyed peas and greens on New Year's Day?

Do YOU have any New Year's superstitions?

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JustSue said...

Traditionally we keep our decorations up until after New Year's. British superstition says they have to be taken down by "Twelfth Night" which is 12 days after Christmas (January 6th). I generally take mine down around January 2nd. For New Year's the biggest tradition or superstition we observe is "First Footing" and that is for a year of good luck the first person to cross your doorstep after midnight should be a tall dark haired man carrying assorted gifts and tokens of luck and health. (coal, money, alcohol, salt, bread etc).

Dirty Butter said...

My mother's family left England before she was born, so her tradition must have been their family's version of the Twelfth Night custom.

Thanks for sharing, justsue, as I've never heard of First Footing. Do you do anything to make sure the first one to cross the threshold fits the description LOL?

The black eyed peas and greens are meant to give good health and wealth in the New Year, so it sounds like First Footing does basically the same thing.

Dirty Butter said...

I should have read justsue's blog before replying, instead of after ...

She has a great post about First Footing that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I think you would, too!

New Year's Superstitions: First Footing

JustSue said...

It was my pleasure! The entire month of December was basically dedicated to Christmas memories, traditions, customs and superstitions. Everything from Advent to favourite recipes.

You will find a better explanation of "Twelfth Night" here if you are interested.

dawn said...

We keep our decorations (tree and lights) up till Jan 6. It isnt something that I think I got from my parents, though.

My family doesnt 'go-out' for New Years Eve. My Mom, S-Father and myself used to work on an ambulance for many years, and I would rather stay safely at home rather than risk being out with all the partiers.

I just heard about 'first footing' this year (Ironically, on JustSue's site, yesterday) and I am really not sure I can keep my husband awake long enough...

Dirty Butter said...

We don't go out on New Year's Eve, either, Dawn. It's bad enough just seeing all those gruesome scenes on the news, so I can well imagine that you wouldn't want to go anywhere this weekend.

As for First Footing? My hubby is a night owl and would have no trouble doing this at all. He kinda fits the bill, as he WAS dark haired and IS very handsome.

But then, I'd be sound asleep and wouldn't hear the doorbell HA!

Michelle said...

We keep our decor up until at least January 2nd. I usually put them away, or begin to around that time. I am a Christmas fanatic so my house is docorated to the hilt LOL. It will take me an entire week to put everything in their neat little boxes and then transfer them to the bigger bins, then have to put those away in the storage building. Big process, but I enjoy it.

We really don't have any traditions or superstitions, we just enjoy the day. We don't go out, too dangerous and plus, we have 3 kids that I refuse to leave with a babysitter, especially on that night. I feel that bringing in the new year with my hubby and kids is the best tradition I could have for my kids to take with them.:)

Lisa said...

I don't really have any superstitions but I don't like to leave my Christmas decorations up past Christmas Day. I just like to get them down and get it over with.

Dirty Butter said...

I'm guessing, Lisa, since you have a small child, that your tree has been up long enough to be more than ready for the recycle chipper/trash.

I'm sure it feels good to get up the day after Christmas to a "clean" house, but it sure makes for a busy Christmas evening, doesn't it?