Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Life's Lessons

I'm going to do something I've not done before, and that's encourage you to go read somebody else's blog.

This 79 year old lady may have an infirm body, but she has a strong, strong spirit, and her daughter conveys that strength through every post she makes for her mother. Whether you are "older" or care giving an older person, or just interested in "the good ole days", I am sure you'll find much to think about, and a lot to enjoy remembering.

So go take a look at Lifelessions. You'll be glad you did.



Lifelessions said...

Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I'm so glad that my readers like to have an insight in my life. The meaning with it was just that, but also to get some spirit from it to their own lifes.

To know, that it's possible to joke and have a laugh even if you're older. Older people is just like everybody else, we like to be treated as we we're not old...

Just as I try to read younger peoples thoughts too and understand a little about their lifes. It's very educating actually, since our lifes is rather different from each others.

Dirty Butter said...

Glad to have you here! Having cared for several elderly family members, who handled the aging process with varying degrees of grace, I really appreciate you ... and your daughter for sharing you with us!