Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Searching - We Would Like to Help You Find That Special Vintage Item

There are just so many different types of items that people want to collect, or to own because it brings back wonderful memories, that there is no way for any one seller to have any and every vintage piece that someone might want to purchase.

When someone writes us, asking if we have a certain item, sometimes we're lucky and we do have it. More often than not, however, we end up doing some research for them on other sites. Sometimes we can steer them to a site that has just what they are looking for, and sometimes we can't find it anywhere.

We'll be using the May, 2005 archives as a place to keep all the requests for collectibles that people write to us about. Feel free to comment, and by all means contact us if you can help these people out.

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searching for a vintage item

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