Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life Before the Bottom Fell Out - Automobile Memories Part IV

As I've mentioned before, by the time my Daddy was 24 years old, he had already owned several brand new cars. Was his family rich? No, not really. He had attended what we would call a vocational high school and worked for a company, assembling radio kits that buyers could then make into their very own radios. He was making good money at the time, and still living at home.

His Dad, my Granddaddy, worked at the Chicago branch of the New York Stock Exchange, but not as a stock broker, as he was an insurance actuary by training. They lived comfortable lives .... until the Stock Market Crash. Daddy remembers his Dad coming home with stories of men jumping out of the windows of the stock exchange building where he worked. So, for a while at least, there were no new cars.

It was during this time that my Daddy met my Mama. She was a Page at the bank where his sister worked, and she introduced them. I asked Daddy what a Page did. You'd have to know how dry his sense of humor is to appreciate the way he replied, "Oh, she mostly stood around and looked pretty."

Falling in love in those scary, bleak times must have taken a lot of courage, and to have gotten married during those hard times would have been almost crazy, but they did it. A simple ceremony in the office at the courthouse, without families there for support, as they didn't approve, near the beginning of the Great Depression, was a very shaky start indeed to a marriage that was to last 'til death parted them in 2001.

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jessica said...

i loved this post. beautiful.

Dirty Butter said...

You're very kind, Jessica. As much as I enjoy telling these stories, I still get weepy when I talk about my Mama's passing.

Daddy surprised me. Considering his age, I really didn't expect him to last long after her death, but he's still going strong.

Chana said...

love always finds a way...what a lovely story...

I feel for you..i'm sorry you ache for your mom...i wish you the best...a HUg to you

Dirty Butter said...

Thanks for the {HUG}, Chana. I needed that. Sorry you caught me feeling blue. After reading your wonderfully upbeat blog, I'm embarrassed!