Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pet Memories

I can't remember a time when there was not a pet in my life. In fact, my Mama and Daddy had a dog a long time before I was born, that was so jealous of me that they had to get rid of him! I've only seen that one in pictures, but he sure was cute.

There have been many really memorable dogs in my life, but mentioning three will make my point, I think.

My childhood puppy was a beautiful registered golden Cocker Spaniel, named Cindy (short for Cinderella). Mama took care of her ... all the feeding and cleaning up poop chores.

Then there was Skipper, a white boxer, that I begged and begged to get, after Cindy had died. I promised to feed him and clean up after him, and my parents finally gave in. So how did that work out? Mama took care of him ... all the feeding and cleaning up poop chores.

Then came Caesar, a mix of ? (anybody's guess is as good as mine). He was a great companion for our own children, who had promised to feed him and clean up after him if we would get them a dog. So how did that work out? Mama (ME this time) took care of him ... all the feeding and cleaning up poop chores.

There have been other dogs, but it was always the same thing ... big promises to take care of them, that didn't last nearly as long as the dog did! Mama to the rescue, as usual.

I can't say that I, as a child, or our own children, either, ever learned responsibility from owning a dog. But I can say that we learned what it was like to be loved unconditionally, with no expectations, disappointed looks, or judgemental comments.

Sure, parents love us, but sadly, not always unconditionally.

It seems only our animal babies can fulfill that role, and I personally think dogs are especially good at it.

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puppytoes said...

couldn't agree with ya more! dogs are amazing for the unconditional love they give...

because my husband didn't grow up with dogs, he didn't understand this when we were first married, but now we have three and there is nothing but mutual admiration and/or devotion around here!!

Dirty Butter said...

We have an inside cat now, and there's no comparison in the measure of love between humans and cats vs dogs.

Have you heard the joke about what dogs and cats think? The dog says, "They love me, feed me, and clean up after me. They must be gods." The cat says,"They love me, feed me, and clean up after me. I must be a god."

Katina Mooneyham said...

I absolutely adore animals! I have six inside cats, an outside cat and a beagle.

Growing up we had pets including a few mice, a few snakes (black rat, blue racer and a garter snake or two), gerbils, and cats. Although we never personally had a dog (we didn't have much room) my grandparents almost always had a dog. My fav was a mixed breed named Jodi.

I couldn't imagine life without my pets. It was boring when I first moved here where I am without a pet. I soon got a cat from my ex who could no longer take care of her. Then we found five more cats abandoned by the road. Then my dog came up to us stray. Now we have an outside cat too.

Dirty Butter said...

That's quite a menagerie you have there, Katina! I'm sure your children are enjoying the experience of growing up with them, just as you did as a child.

PS. I took a look at your Katina's Little Gardeners blog and found it very well done. Good luck with it!

puppytoes said...

hahahahahaha! i just came back to show my husband your site and read that joke! lovelovelove it!

thanks for visiting me, by the way!!! see ya again, soon!!

Dirty Butter said...

Glad you liked the joke, puppytoes! And so true, isn't it.