Wednesday, April 26, 2006

African Face Mask ?

African Leather Wall Mask MINT

We found this beautiful 8 1/2" high leather mask, made from a single piece of leather, at an estate sale some time ago. We recently received several emails from a nice eBayer, informing us that we were selling it way too low, that is was in fact a one of a kind, Zimbabwe mask, similar to one they had bought some years ago for about $250. That was all they could tell us, and we have not been able to verify that information from any other source.

HELP!! Do any of you recognize this artwork, as to region, or tribe? Do you know how we might find out more about it, without spending any money to get it appraised?


Chana said...

hi...can't help sorry but i wanted to tell you that it's beautiful and surely you will find a happy home for it...

Dirty Butter said...

Thank you, Chana. I'm hoping that since blogs are read by people all over the world that someone from Africa, or maybe someone who has traveled in Africa will recognize the style of the mask and help us with some information.

We were taken with the striking beauty of the mask when we first saw it, and we couldn't resist buying it.

Every once in awhile, we buy something at an estate sale for very little money and the collectors bid the price way up into the hundreds of dollars. That's very exciting! That didn't happen with this mask.

Maybe it's worth a lot, and maybe it's not, but we'd like to know, if possible, before we put it up for sale again.