Sunday, April 30, 2006

But Most of All, I Remember Mama - Early Television

When we first got a television, there weren't very many shows on to watch. The TV was such a novelty that we actually watched the test pattern! And I can remember standing at attention when the Star Spangled Banner was played and the flag waved on screen at sign off. (After all, programming didn't run 24 hours a day at that time.)

One of the earliest shows I do remember particularly enjoying was I Remember Mama. All but a few of those episodes were live and are lost to history. I found a few interesting sources of information about those episodes, if you'd like to read more about these award winning early shows.


Mama is Remembered


Description of an episode in the pink box on the right side of the page Mama's Bank Account



Chana said...

oh i can relate...i hear something similar to that...i remember feeling that way regarding phones in my great grandmother's home..i was 7-8 and would 'play' with the phone...test to see if the dial tone was still there...and call up my neighbour friend and she me just so we could hear the ring....

I love your memories, they take me back to either stories or my own experiences that are full of wonderful feelings. Thank you.

Dirty Butter said...

You're always so kind, Chana. Glad I can be depended on to bring back good memories.

Are you too young to remember the old black rotary phones? and party lines?

Chana said...

My boyfriend tells me stories of party lines. They had that when he lived in the farm..and i remember those same stories from my ex-husband, again when they lived on the farm...I personally didn't experience them..I cannot imagine anyone today being that nice and cooperative to share phone lines...:)
I do however remember rotary great-grandma's house had one...Actually i think everyone in Boaco (city where i lived with them) had rotary phones...And here in Calgary, about 8 yrs ago i met a lady that still used them...that was the last time, up to now anyways, that i used one...

I love your blog....thanks for always putting a smile on my face.

Dirty Butter said...

My inlaws had a party line as recently as when we got married, and they lived in the big city of Birmingham, Alabama, so it wasn't just a rural thing. They did it to save money.

And you're right about it requiring people to be polite and respect each other's privacy.

Would you believe those old rotary phones are actually collectibles now?

Chana said...

i can see how they would be collectibles now..and i'm glad to have learned a bit more of party lines...definately not what party lines are all about now...yikes what a difference 50 yrs makes...:)

Mama Mouse said...

We always had a party line when I was a child ... VERY annoying even then. When I moved to a rural area in the late 70's we had a party line there too for a short time. I really, REALLY hated it!

As for "Mama" ... I can remember Mama, and Lars and Nels. We used to watch it every week. I loved it. My first memory of tv was of a commercial for Mott's Apple Juice. It was a group of apples on the branch of a tree singing 'Mott's Apple Juice is so fine'! I will NEVER forget it!

Dirty Butter said...

I'm not surprised, Mama Mouse, that you remember Mama, too! I can even hear Mama say Lars after all these years, with that wonderful Swedish accent. Oh how I loved her.

As for those early commercials!! They were like eye candy. I remember the Lucky Strike dancing cigarette boxes and also the Oscar Myer weener jingle. I saw the Oscar Myer weener car in Chicago when I was little and thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

jan said...

When there was only one channel, there were no arguments in the family. one channel fits all.

Dirty Butter said...

Oh, we were too fascinated by it all to even think about complaining. And channels?? What's that?? That idea was unimaginable.

Some years later I remember being awed by how many channels there were in Chicago when I'd visit there, compared to Birmingham.