Monday, April 03, 2006

Just Married - Automobile Memories Part V

Mama and Daddy's first apartment in Chicago cost them all of $20 a month, a lot in 1932. They were more fortunate than most, as they were both working. So many people lost everything during the Great Depression.

And what automobile were they driving when they married? Daddy always had new car fever, as long as I can remember, so he had just bought a brand new 1933 Silver Pontiac, with 6 wire wheels. It was a really fancy sporty car, with 4 wire wheels on the ground and 2 mounted on the fenders. Of course I'm prejudiced, but they really were a very handsome couple, and I'm sure they really cut quite a figure in this snazzy car.

1933 Pontiac Coupe
In case you're curious, here's a red one for sale on the Internet for only $30,000. (Click on the picture for more views and information.)

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Sue said...

yep! I still love your blog!!
Have a great week!

Dirty Butter said...

Big chuckle!! Thanks, Sue. I really appreciate that vote of confidence. It's nice to know that someone else is enjoying taking a nostalgic look at the past, too.

Chana said...

That was a fortune in those days!
That's wonderful that they were both able to work and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In town we have so many wknds that owner's of the 'oldies autos' come together. Often the malls parking lots is where they gathered and show off-as they should, they are beautiful after all these years.

Dirty Butter said...

Yes, $20 would have been a lot back then. Our first apartment in 1964 was only $52.50 a month.

Daddy always went to the car exhibits in Chicago, and there were plenty of new automobiles to look at in those days. I didn't inherit the urge to have a new car every year, but I sure do enjoy looking at the vintage ones.

Oh, and what do we drive? An electric blue PT Cruiser.