Monday, April 10, 2006

Searching - Theodore Haviland Limoges Gold Rimmed Plates

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Theodore Haviland Limoges 2 Plate Lot Gold Rims Antique
We have two of these 80+ year old French Limoges gold rimmed plates on auction on eBay right now, and the nice lady who has the bid has been looking for them for a long time. She needs 6 more plates.

Do any of you dear readers, by chance, have any of this pattern tucked away?

Please Contact Us if you have one or more of these plates that you would be willing to sell. We'll pass your email address along to the buyer, and you can negotiate directly.

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Dana said...

I don't have the gold rimmed, but I do have a set of Haviland silver rimmed china that my husband bought for me at the Daytona flea market many years ago before we were married.

I am looking for information on the set. What is it worth, if anything?

Dirty Butter said...

Dana, the best place to go to get some idea of the value of any set of china, crystal, silver, or silverplate is Replacements, Ltd.. Their prices are high, but it's the best source to find the most patterns in one place.

You can also email them a picture of your pattern, and they will tell you the information about it. I don't think there's a charge for that, but I'm not sure.