Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memories of Going to the Movies

We joined the history making crowd and went to see X-Men3 on Memorial Day this week, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. My DH and I are both big fans of the comic book genre, particularly if they're based on the old comics.

Seeing the movie in our reclining stadium seats was quite a bit different from what it was like to go to the movies when I was little.

For one thing, there was an usher who walked you down the aisle, with a flashlight in hand, and helped you find a seat, because they were always crowded. Then, the floors were always super, super sticky! By the end of the movie you had trouble picking up your feet, what with all the drinks that had been spilled all that day. It wasn't unusual to have popcorn thrown overhead during the movie, either. If it got bad, the usher would come and evict the culprits, but usually a few choice voiced complaints from one of the husky movie goers was enough to stop the tom foolery.

On more than one occassion, I had to swap places with somebody in order to be able to see, because I was always shorter than the person in front of me. Not only did we get to see the feature movie and the previews, but we also got to see a newsreel and a cartoon. That was quite a treat in itself.

The only time I remember ever sitting way down front was when I would go to the Saturday matinee with the boy downstairs in Chicago at the neighborhood theatre to see the Westerns. We'd sit so close we'd be looking straight up through the whole thing! Only a kid could enjoy that. And we'd go to the theater by ourselves, too, with no concerns at all about safety. My grandmother wasn't the least bit worried about us, and we couldn't have been but about 10 years old.

Nobody had to worry about us seeing something in a movie that we shouldn't see, either. It wasn't until the 60's that writers started pushing against the censorship codes.

Why, I remember being embarrassed as a teenager, going to see Pillow Talk with a date! And I still remember the scene in Suzie Wong when she said, "Zip Up, Wobert!" as being so shocking as the time.

Back then the tickets and concession stand goodies were so cheap that we always bought popcorn and Coke. It's only been as an adult that I've broken the habit, simply because I'd rather spend the money on something else.

Well, I've rambled on long enough. What are some of YOUR early movie memories? Did you get to go by yourself as a child? Do you remember the sticky floors? What was your favorite cartoon? Come share yesterday's memories with us.

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mwgrl5 said...

hey...not post related...sorry

i wanted to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! i think i'm going for the second one later this summer :)

thanks again!

Dirty Butter said...

I had to go back and reread your blog to remember what you were talking about! ROFL!! I'm glad you've decided to try your hand at keeping two blogs going at the same time. I don't find it too difficult.

Chana said...

how i love your memories. when i lived with my great-grandmother i would go to the movies as much as i wanted..alone or with friends..Boaco was a small town and we were all family members it seemed. the movie theather was one block from the house and right across the stree from 3 sibblings of my was so lovely living there..i was safe physically and emotionally. i was happy and felt so wonderful. they would give me money, it wasn't expensive at all but to be honest they all cherished me and even if it was expensive they would have still given me money to go...i don't remember things like popcorn, it's more like Vigoron, (yuka, cabbage, pork roins and vingegar???to the best of my ability)...i would buy that on the sidewalk and just walk in and eat away...or sliced mangos with salt or cojotes...oh i'm hungry and a bit i wish...
i love coming to your takes me back to when i was just a little girl and nothing more..hugs.

Dirty Butter said...

Chana, as always, it is YOU who bless ME with your childhood memories. All I do is get you started, my dear. Boaca sounds like a wonderful place to grow up.

As for Vigoron .... well, "Everyone to their own tastes," said the farmer, as he kissed the cow. That was a favorite expression of one of my most beloved uncles.

Chana said...

your comments were such a happy thing to wake up too, thank you..

vigoron tastes alot more delicious than i made it sound. i can see your eyebrow raising!lol. you wouldn't believe how finicky i am with food. everything grosses me out or i can't handle/like spices or i can make my mind eat something eve though i loved it before i knew what that meat really was (tongue, spanish recipe, my mom cook delicious back when...i always asked for it...thought it was just so funny that the meat was so soft. i never said i was smart, lol...)but there are still a few things that still turn my mouth to water...someday i will cook it for you and you will see...stop gagging and no changing address, lol...
i don't know what your 'blog village' is really. what is it? ha, know i made you have to answer me again...tag, you are

how about plaintains, sweet or not they are delicious..with plain yogurt...or ...oh i'm hungry again...

Dirty Butter said...

I've heard of plaintains, but I don't know what they are. Sweet potatos? Bananas? My ignorance is showing, for sure.

As for BLOG VILLAGE. I've belonged to several TopLists and they always seemed to end up being dominated by sites that flaunted a lot of skin and profanity, so I decided to start one of my own. That way I can filter those kind of sites out, hehe! Any kind of blog is welcome, as long as it would be family friendly.

TopLists are just another way to advertise your blog and build readership, as they vote for you daily. I'd love to have you join, really, and suggest other blogs you think would be a good fit.

Mama Mouse said...

Oh ... I didn't realize that list site was YOURS! I'll join it later ... maybe tonight when I have more time!

Anyhow ... movie memories! Three pop to mind. First my father was a deputy sheriff and we got into the drive in movies for free. They were the only kind he would go to as he hated crowds. I loved them as they always had an area for the kids to swing on swings or play on slides. It was a lot of fun!

When I was little, and for a number of years, my grandmother would take me on the bus to downtown Detroit where all the BIG movie theaters were. They were fancy and beautiful as was downtown Detroit 50 years ago. We saw the big movies ... Oklahoma, Cleopatra, and others that I can't remember now. My mother kept up the tradition after my grandmother died. It was a day to eat at a special restaraunt and go to a fancy movie. I loved it.

When I was old enough I was allowed to walk to the movie theater a couple of blocks from my house. One time I went with my 'boyfriend' ... we were about 12 ... and he didn't know I thought about him that way. I was just another buddy to him. Anyhow, the movie playing was Les Girls with Gene Kelly ... one of my favorite actors at the time.

I was a good Catholic girl and there was a list of movies that the Church allowed ... and there was the 'condemned list' that we weren't allowed to see.

The movie started and there for all the world to see were LEGS ... lots and lots of nearly naked legs! I KNEW, without having seen the 'C list' that this movie must be condemned, and so I grabbed Mike by the arm and physically pulled him out of the theater. I said the movie was condemned and we couldn't see it. He was bewildered and my face was bright red. I saw the movie on tv recently, and other than all the legs, there was no reason we couldn't have seen it! LOL


Dirty Butter said...

I remember the playground at the drive-in, too, Mama Mouse. We went to the big movies at the Alabama Theater in downtown Birmingham, a really gorgeous old theater. But it was going to the little neighborhood ones with friends that I remember with the most fondness.

I'm not Catholic, but I know good ole Catholic guilt when I see it. Poor baby. We really were sheltered, weren't we, but it's a shame it can't still be that way for youngsters.

Chana said...

sorry i didn't respond right side tracked there...plantains are can boil them, fry them, bake or yellow, taste yummy...they are cousins of bananas...hope someday you get a chance to take a taste...

your blog world sounds lovely, not too many places are family friendly in our world again...let me think about it a bit. i don't like skin at all and don't use most bad words, but i know i can find darn, hell for sure in my post...and then there are so many i love being with Joe post and a few jokes that i would say are for older take a look and see if you still think it would do and then i will let you know...i'm a pretty clean blogger i think but usually are so stubborn and my mom has always said i don't like rules unless they are my own, but i think that is everyone really...
Is there rules to join? sorry for all the questions but i am a fairly new blogger...

enjoy your wknd..

Dirty Butter said...

Chana, plantains do sound good. Maybe I will get to try them sometime. As for BLOG VILLAGE, I made a post on it that will answer your questions, I hope.

Becky said...

Just visiting via those that left comments on my blog, : ) nice site and I remember ushers, my kids would think I was talking about the singer however, ; )

Dirty Butter said...

Thanks for stopping by, Becky. I think the last time I remember seeing an usher in a movie was for the very first viewing of ET, when every single seat in the theater was being filled. That's the only time I ever remember being in a completely filled theater, either.

jan said...

I remember going to the movies every Saturday afternoon to see a triple feature, a Western, an Eastern and a serial cliff hanger. There was a lot of shooting in the Western, but never any blood.

Whenever there was kissing in the Eastern, we would protest loudly. Only kids were in the theatre then so no one objected to our behavior.

My last banner disappeared every place I had it and the web page wouldn't open, so I did another. If this one goes, I will just do without a banner.

I used to write web pages back when html was all we had, but I find myself getting less and less patient with technical aspects as the years go by. And did I mention I'm blonde?

Thanks for your evaluation that raised my score from a C to a B in the village. :>)

Dirty Butter said...

I remembering the hooting when the kissing scenes came on Saturday, too, Jan.

As for your banner, do you not have any web storage space of your own, like with your ISP, so you don't have to depend on these banner sites to host it?

And exactly what does being blonde have to do with anything mylady? Any more than being white headed has to do with anything? I don't fit any stereotypes, and I bet you don't, either!

I find html a lot easier to work with than css, so I understand what you mean.

As for the rating on the VILLAGE, Mama Mouse is clucking her tongue as me, but I gave everybody who had the good sense to join us a 10 to start them off. I don't normally give anybody a 10, either, but I figured that would be my present to everyone.