Monday, June 05, 2006

The Good Guys Wore White Hats (Except for Lash Larue)

The good guys always wore white hats, the bad guys wore black. The ladies of the evening always had hearts of gold, and good always triumphed over evil. We never saw blood, no one cursed, and the plots were very predictable. Our heroes were bigger than life on that big screen, and we couldn't wait to see them the next week.

The Rec Center in a nearby town ran a series of these old black and white Westerns for free when our girls were little, and we took them to see them. They enjoyed them, just as we had, even though they were used to color television and modern movies. There's just a universal appeal to these old heroes .... Lash Larue, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, Wild Bill Hickock, Sunset Carson, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Cisco Kid, Tom Mix, Ken Maynard, Bob Steel, and many more.

I loved Roy Rogers so much that I had a beautiful double holster set of revolvers. The whole thing was very ornate and extremely well made. I'm sure it must have been very expensive, even back then. I don't remember it, but Mama and Daddy tell me that I actually got to shake his hand at the Chicago theater when I was little. No wonder he was my hero!!

Do you remember any of these old cowboy heroes? Who was YOUR favorite? Do you remember them in black and white? Did you have any of their toys, as I did?

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Chana said...

For this posts i have no real memories. I remember lots of cowboy movies but nothing more than that. I had a bad accident in 96 and i lost a lot of my memories. Thankfully ones i didn't loose were those living with my great-grandparets and then odds and ends...
Do you have a picture of your revolvers? or you with them be even better! how sweet you must have looked.
Certainly those days the good always won over evil and there was no blood or swears etc...are for sure all gone. Movies are no longer an escape of life's realities but a tell of the uglyness we encounter...Well, not always but so often...Life was much simpler for sure...

Dirty Butter said...

I'm glad you didn't lose your memories of your great-grandparents, Chana!

I'll have to look in the album up at Daddy's. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find a picture of me with those holsters on, as much as I loved them. If there's not one, it will be because my mother couldn't stand the idea of me being anything but a little lady LOL!

Mama Mouse said...

I HATE ... with livid passion ... Blogger!!! I just wrote a LONG reply ... and it is GONE, GONE, GONE!!!!

I'm too tired to rebuild it ... so quickly ... some points:

~ Hopalong dressed in all black, but his horse was white.

~ I watched any and every cowboy show that ever was on tv ... every last second of every last episode and rerun. Many you didn't name!

~ I had holsters and guns, but can't remember from which show.

Chana .... I suffered a similar accident with resulting memory losses ... I know what it is like and I am sorry for you ... truly. It isn't fun.

Dirty Butter said...

MM, I feel the same way about Blogger, but I fear I'm stuck with them. I don't know how to use MySQL on my host to change to WordPress, and from what I understand, it's a horror to change a blog over.

I stand corrected on Hopalong. You're right, of course. I found this wonderful site just now, while I was trying to see what he wore.

The Western Poster Page

Chana said...

Mama House: thank you for your understanding but i am so sorry that you would be better if you had no idea what i talked about because that would have meant that you hadn't sufferred...and no it's no fun. Quite confusing enough,:) ...but i'm here and walking again, so i'm most grateful..Thank you and hope you are okay.

Dirty butter: i can see how your mom wouldn't have like an unlady like daughter, funny how far things have change in some instances i have witness society encouraging girls to be more like boys..glad that you had fun with your revolver and your mom would be proud to see such a wonderful woman that you have are. And yes, i'm truly glad i didn't loose the most important ones, i think that was a big gift from God.

Dirty Butter said...

I took a quick look through the album I expected to find a picture in, if there were one, this evening when I fixed Daddy his supper, with no luck. That doesn't mean there's not one somewhere, but it's really not likely.

Mama wanted a frilly dainty little girl, and she really didn't get one. I loved her dearly, but really didn't appreciate her until I was a grown woman. I think I would have worn the curls and ruffles more often, if I could go back in time, just because it would have made her happy.

Mama Mouse said...

My grandmother also wanted a frilly, girly little girl .... and instead she got my mother! A rebel ... who hated skirts. She was born in 1909 and smoked when she was nine. Not at ALL a girly girl ... especially in that time.

DB ... I can work with Blogger quite well ... make changes, etc. I just hate their problems that seem to be plaguing them more frequently recently. I might eventually switch to wordpress ... but it would be the free version because I won't pay for the privilege to blog. I tried switching my comments and posts from one of my old blogs on Blogger that I suspended some time ago but kept in tact. I had no problems once I figured out how to do it properly. But I too hear that people have had nightmares doing it. So, for the time being I'll stick with Blogger and hope they get things worked out.

Chana ... I've grown used to memory holes ... my husband fills in the ones he can when I need them filled in. While its a horrid loss, and I wonder what it would be like to remember everything ... I've gotten used to it. Its a part OF me ... and so I go on. It becomes easier ... at least it did for me. I resent it less and less. But then I don't have huge blocks of times missing ... just holes here and there, except for the two or three years both before and after the accident. Luckily some memories of that time still exist as I can remember my wedding shortly before the accident and the birth of my two sons after the accident. And of course one lovely memory I was left with WAS the accident and its aftermath! Now THAT one I could have happily forgotten.

Dirty Butter said...

My mother was born in 1911. As for being rebels, MM, you have to remember that both our moms were greatly influenced by the flappers, who were certainly NOT lady like compared to earlier generations of women. My mother smoked, too, at a young age, but I don't think she started that young.

Jen said...

I remember black and white reruns of The Lone Ranger when I was a kid. They must have been sort of old by then, but I loved them. There doesn't seem to be much cowboy related media anymore, my kids don't really ever see any.

Cool description of how glass works on my blog, thank you! That was really interesting. I have a new window now, so it's all becoming part of the past...

I don't have a banner, can I still do that Blog Village thing?

Dirty Butter said...

We have a local TV station that mostly plays old movies and they do a lot of the old black and white Westerns, but that's about the only place I've seen one in a long time.

You're more than welcome on the glass lecture, Jen, and I'm glad it's been replaced, and life goes on.

Of course you can join!! There are several blogs on BLOG VILLAGE that don't have banners!

jan said...

I wrote an early comment on Blogger and it ate it. The comment was quite brilliant too.:>)

Lash Larue was my all time favorite. I haven't heard that name for years. He was gorgeous.

I don't have any reason for my memory lapses. They just happen. I was trying to remember something the other day and my (30ish)son said (lovingly, I hope) that I had three things against me: the memory lapses that everyone has, you can expect to have senior moments, and "Mom, you're blonde."

Dirty Butter said...

I was in love with Lash Larue, too, Jan. I'm sorry Blogger ate your comment! They've been really goofy the last couple of days. I've written several comments today that disappeared, too.

As for the memory loss, be careful about hormone levels. That can really effect your memory drastically. I know from personal experience. And I'm not blonde. Shame on that boy of yours!!