Monday, July 10, 2006

Guess Who Came to the House??

I was not a well child. I was what was called sickly.

I had Rheumatic Fever when I was about a year old, and it delayed my learning how to walk, because I was so sick. My poor Mama and Daddy would have been hoverers at best, but under the circumstances, they really watched every little sniffle, as if I were coming down with something. And the trouble was, I often did. As far as I can count, I had pneumonia 8 times before I went off to college, plus the usual childhood assortment of chicken pox, mumps, colds, stomach viruses, etc.

So what in the world does me being sickly have to do with the title to this post?

So, who came to the house?

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Mama Mouse said...

I used to get strep throat ALL the time. I was constantly sick, but thankfully I only had pneumonia a couple of times and never rheumatic fever! You poor thing ... what a awful way to spend your childhood!

I can't imagine WHO came. The priest? The minister? The doctor? The TEACHER?????? EWWWWWWW THAT WOULD be HORRID!! ICK!

Mama Mouse said...

Ooooops!!! I forgot to vote for you while I was here a bit ago .... so that's what I'm gonna do now! :-)

Dirty Butter said...

Well, you came up with a lot more possibities than I would have thought possible LOL!

No, thank goodness, it was not my teacher! And I'm not Catholic, so that eliminates a few of your guesses.

We're about the same age. I would think that the same person would have visited you when you had pneumonia or strep throat.

And thanks for the vote!!

Mama Mouse said...

Oh MY .... not the first time??????? Not the 'curse'!!!! Oh NO!!!!! Tell me it isn't so!

Mama Mouse said...
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Mama Mouse said...

That was me ... spelling error FORCED me to repost!

My boyfriend (I thought he was that, he didn't LOL) came to visit me when I had my 'visitor' for the first time! Talk about being embarrassed!!! Yikes!!

Hey ... have you ever noticed I talk with a LOT of !!!!!!!!!'s?
LOL ....

Dirty Butter said...

Oh my, Mama Mouse, your imagination is much too rich for me! I won't keep you in suspense any longer, before you have something else even more horrible conjured up for me.

I thought it was pretty obvious, but then, I knew the answer hehehe.

In those days, if a child got really sick, the doctor came to the house, instead of the child having to go to the doctor's office. Was it not that way where you lived??

And this wasn't because I lived in some one horse buggy little town, either. I grew up in the big city of Birmingham, Alabama, with indoor plumbing and everything!

When it was time to get a prescription filled, Dr. Bryan would call the drug store, and they would deliver the medicine, so she never had to get me out of the house or leave me alone.

I loved that doctor dearly. He had a wonderful bedside manner, and I trusted him completely. So did Mama and Daddy. He was not a Pediatrician, either. He was our family doctor. I don't know that there were such things as Pediatricians back then.

Chana said...

i hope that your health is more stable now and that you are well. in Boaco the doc still goes to the houses (i read the answer). i think it's a wonderful thing to do.

hope you have been well.

Dirty Butter said...

How big a place is Boaco, Chana? Is that common in Canada? Does it have anything to do with socialized medicine?

It's all but non-existent here in the US any more, as far as I know.

Mama Mouse said...

The only time a doctor came to my house was when my grandmother was ill with cancer. He came a few times in her last few months, but never for me.

I always went to him. But I DID guess doctor in my first reply!!

Dirty Butter said...

Hmmmmm, Mama Mouse, I'm surprised. That's why I thought you'd get it right off. I figured your doctor would have made house calls, too. And yes, you did think of doctor in your first list of guesses.

Mama Mouse said...

There was nothing I hated more than being sick and having to be dragged to the doctor's office. Even with my poor memory I can remember his waiting room, his examining room and the hallway outside his office! I even remember his name! Dr. Reichman!

Dirty Butter said...

Maybe that's why I have such fond memories of Dr. Bryan, MM. My memories of him are sitting next to me on my bed, taking my temperature. Quite a contrast, eh?

Chana said...

Boaco is the town where i lived in Nicaragua with my great-grandparentrs...Canada absolutely doesn't have any doctor's who come to your house. I'm pretty sure it's similar to the US.

Dirty Butter said...

I didn't think Boaca sounded like a town in Canada LOL! I'm glad they still see people in the homes somewhere, but I can't say that I'm surprised that they don't in Canada, what with socialized medicine.

Becky said...

Dang! I'm too late, I knew the answer! LOL!
My mother had rheumatic fever in the 30's when she was a little girl and they cut her hair off, she could sit on her hair. It devestated her at the time, but she's kept it short since then so she must have got over it!

Dirty Butter said...

Hi, Becky! You're not too late! Good for you for getting it right!!!

I just didn't want Mama Mouse's imagination running away with her any more than it already was hehe. No telling who or what she was going to have knocking on my door, at the rate she was going. ROTFL

I guess they cut her hair, because it took so long to recuperate, and it would have been so hard to take care of such long hair. I can see why she would have been upset, for sure.