Saturday, September 09, 2006

Riding All the Way to Chicago Backwards

One year Daddy drove us to Chicago to visit my grandparents for our vacation, instead of taking the train, as we often did. I was pretty little at the time, but I distinctly remember how much fun I had and what I did on that trip.

I sat on my knees in the back seat and looked out the back window for the whole trip! It was like seeing a whole different world, because things didn't speed by, and you could see both sides of the road at once. I would have had to have been fairly small for that to have been a comfortable position to stay in for such a long drive - maybe around 5 or 6? I still laugh about it to this day.

Of course, in those days, nobody thought about such things as it being dangerous for me to do it. Now we would have our children in seat belts, and maybe in booster seats as well. But oh the freedom I felt, viewing the world from such a new perspective!



Janey Loree said...

I shared this memory with my "Daddy" remembering all the car trips we took as a family! I wish that I had thought of it!!!

Dirty Butter said...

Children have the advantage of remembering all the fun times from road trips, with none of the detours, bad roads, storms, or traffic to ruin the memories. LOL

I'm glad my post gave you and your "Daddy" some good memories to share, Janey Loree.

Janey Loree said...

THANK YOU, Dirty Butter! I do remember one trip that we spent most of the time on a road that was a roller coaster!!! I still can remember the fun it that my brother and I had!! I think it was in Nevada somewhere...I will have to ask my Daddy!

(I wonder how that trip would have been turned around in the seat looking out the back window?!!!)

Dirty Butter said...

I aim to please, Janey LOL. The idea is for me to remember my childhood and prompt you to remember yours. Sounds like it's working. We lead such busy lives that it's good to look back on the times that made us who we are today. Kind of take stock of ourselves, and see who we really are, if you know what I mean. Our memories provide the pieces to that puzzle, and I don't charge by the hour, either!!

Janey Loree said...

That is a priceless offering to humanity. We DO need to stop and remember once in a while! That is the reason for our PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter. We post the articles on our blog over at PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs in an attempt at slowing down a little!

Dirty Butter where is your blog for remembering a fallen countryman on 9/11? I would like to read it!

Dirty Butter said...

We're both in the Memories business, aren't we, Janey?

I put the memorial on my Day by Day with Peripheral Neuropathy blog.

Janey Loree said...

Yes we are! Since I have gotten older and lost a few loved ones, family and memories have become very precious to me!!!

I read your tribute to Norma Cruz Khan and am very glad that 9/11 is not forgotten by those of us who did not lose a close family member!!! We could have!

Oh, and that roller coaster road was on the way north out of Las Vegas, NV. We were on our way to St. George, UT to do some Christmas shopping!

Dirty Butter said...

I don't think of Nevada as having rolling hills. In my mind it's either flat desert, canyons, or cliffs.

The lesson of 9/11 is that no one can be sure of taking the next breath. We all need to live each day to its fullest and be prepared to meet God.

Janey Loree said...

The road has since been turned into an interstate highway...but back then it went down a wash up the other side and down the next!

Yes, we all need to be ready for when He comes for us!!!

Chana said...

Cuppojoe and i were talking about this lately..his family would go on wknds to somewhere..often to yellowstones from calgary...they used to leave around 3 am and start with all 3 kids asleep in the back seats..or one laying in the top of the back seat..don't know how to describe it..where some put kleenex boxes and stuffies..totally a different way of doing things..and somehow there was not many tragedies were there? we don't remember many..certainly feels like now it's alot more.

Dirty Butter said...

You'd be under the jail for child endangerment now, Chana, wouldn't you!

I vaguely remember one time when Mama and Daddy put enough luggage in the floor of the back seat to make the whole back level, with a mat of quilts. I think I slept most of the trip that year.

Cars drove slower, and they were built like tanks back then, so maybe that's why we don't associate that era with high traffic deaths. Also, there were no such things as compact cars!!

Chana said...

i think you are very right and that is why we don't remember many fatalities with so much movement in the cars..still it is sad, that with all our advances, we are going backwards in some things..we are suppose to get safer..not count more dead..

Dirty Butter said...

It probably does have something to do with all the cars being about the same size, which certainly isn't true any more, what with SUV's and fancy pickups trucks and mini Coopers.

No, not all "progress" is progress, Chana.