Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dating Three Boys at Once

I've already warned you that the story behind #5 on the last post really isn't juicy or anything, but I guess if I don't explain myself, some of you are going to think I was a real hussy in High School.

Actually, I dated sporadically through the first two years, until I met my DH. Some time before we met, my Mama decided I needed to learn how to dance. Mind you, I'm Baptist, and strictly speaking, this wasn't allowed. But Mama and Daddy grew up in the Big Band era, dancing many a night away to the sounds of Guy Lombardo and such in Chicago, so it was decided that I must learn how to ballroom dance, Baptist or no.

So, after school, I would walk down to the Y and take lessons. I met a boy there, who ended up being my partner through the whole course. We learned to Waltz, Fox Trot, Cha Cha, Rhumba, you name it, we did it. I won't say we were very good, but we weren't terrible, either. Naturally, over a period of time, we became more than just dance partners, and we went on a few dates. His Dad would drive us, as he was not old enough to drive at the time.

At the same time I was learning how to dance, I was very interested in a young man in our high school band, whom I had a few classes with. He even snuck me on the Band Bus for an away game one time. That's about as daring as I got in High School, I guess. It was forbidden, and oh so much fun. We held hands and smooched in the dark bus all the way to and from the game.

You may recall that I did not go to a local High School, but to the downtown school. So the kids I knew at school, with very few exceptions, lived all over the city, and not anywhere near me. So, for the third boy, you'll have to come to church with me. We were in the same Sunday School class, and a bunch of us were very active in all the Youth activities. He and I went on quite a few dates, and I really think at one point he was getting really serious about me, but I was just having a good time.

So, one boy from dance class, who went to High School on the Eastern side of town, one from Phillips High School in downtown, and one from my church, on the Western side of town, and I was casually dating all three of them at the same time. Every once in awhile I would make an excuse not to go out with one of them, hoping one of the others would call, but I didn't do that very often. Hmmmm, maybe I was a hussy after all?

So, how did I get caught?

Turns out all three were Explorer Scouts.

And they knew each other.

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Anonymous said...

Cute story. Funny that they all knew each other.

Dirty Butter said...

What were the odds! After all, it's not like Birmingham was a small town, right? What, maybe 200,000 or so back then? And they knew each other? What luck!!!

Anvilcloud said...

I come from a somewhat repressed background, and at my ripe old age I'm just learning that dancing can be fun.

Anonymous said...

LOL...this is so funny. Thanks, DB,it's a wonderful story.

oh, gosh, I can't get over it...they all knew each other!! In Scout's yet!

You made my day.

Dirty Butter said...

The irony of it is, Anvilcloud, that my DH, who is Baptist, does not know how to dance, so the lessons didn't do me a bit of good, except for meeting that boy!

Dirty Butter said...

You needed a good laugh, Marion, so I'm glad I was able to help out. It sure wasn't funny at the time. I felt absolutely horrible getting caught. I think I thought I would never find anyone else to date ever again.

It still amazes me that they actually knew each other. I can't remember now how long I got away with it, but it seems like it was a pretty long while. Then one of them said something that clicked with the others, and my goose was cooked.

Chana said...

my friend, you are fun, a delight and a wonderful God loving soul but never, ever anywhere near a hussy, lol. your angel wings are still intact.

thank you for sharing your memories. they are always a treat to read.

hon, Rosemary: thank you for your words. they made us feel so comforted and loved. today is a good day for it's a new day filled with God's love that comes directly from him and through good friends, like you.

i slept well last night, first in many, many nights. it helped. the venting did too. thank you for your patience and caring. much love.

Dirty Butter said...

Chana, it's good to hear that the venting helped you feel better. There's nothing like a good night's sleep to help you feel better.

I felt like I had to tell the story once I had mentioned it, as I could just see the wheels turning in folk's heads, imagining all sorts of juicy stories. It really is funny now, but it sure wasn't then. Hussy? Well, just a wee tad of exaggeration, I'll admit.

Norma said...

Great story. I didn't learn to dance until I met my husband in college. We still love to dance. But in h.s., there were many dances, but everyone just sort of stumbled around.

I'm asking questions today at my blog that you might be interested in. Stop by and take a look. Were you taught to diagram sentences when you were in school? Were your classes called "language arts," or "communication," or "English?" Were you taught "whole language" or phonics? Did you have instruction in penmanship (cursive) after the early grades? Check here.

Dirty Butter said...

None of the "dances" at my high school involved much dancing, other than the Bop and Bunny Hop. At least that's all I remember many people participating in. Certainly no one ball room danced. But the young fellow I learned with was from "Over the Mountain," where such social graces were expected. I did go to one Valentines Dance at his church with him, Norma, where we actually danced! Obviously, he wasn't Baptist LOL!

I'm going now to check out your questions. They sounding interesting to a retired school teacher.

The Artist said...

A great story, thanks for your special comment, best wishes, The Artist

Dirty Butter said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Artist! I really enjoy looking at your paintings from time to time, and I particularly liked that one.

Have a great day!

jan said...

Great story.

I just thought of it as "being popular" when I had three boy friends. One was in my high school class, one was in college and one was in the Air Force.

All went well for me until Christmas vacation when the two from out of town came home. As I remember I ended up with the only one who didn't get mad at me.

Dirty Butter said...

Technically I wasn't doing anything wrong, Jan, but I was not being honest, either, and it just caught up with me. I never tried that again. I didn't "go steady," but I didn't date more than one at a time after that. Much less complicated!

Anonymous said...

oh my friend, you are right, my genes are not my fault. and my father on his death bed knew i had his illness and i saw his suffering for it. and back then i felt bad for him and i knew i rather have been born rather than not even with this in my body..and i told him as we fear the worst through the years to no avail. he still suffered and felt guilt over it...and i felt bad for him and felt no anger towards him or anything like that. it wasn't his fault...i knew that, it was clear to me..But my dear, sweet friend, now i'm on the other end, and my little girl is just 9 and since she was barely 4 she has dealt with so many needles and hospitals and stress and pain, so much pain and the future of uncertainty and so much stress and she has never been a child. none of my kids, they have all grown up with knowing life different than most..and i can see how they are shining stars and soooo good and how they have used all this for the better but my mommy heart wishes to protect them and i wish their childhood be different than wonderfing when is the next time mommy end up in the hospital..and Keka has had to deal with me and then her health..and it's my genes and my blood and i wish i could have passed on much better health than she knows..she knows no better and she hardly complaints but once in a while, in the middle of the night between cuddles and kisses and tears sometimes she wishes out loud she didn't have it and no more needles and my heart breaks for i can't take it away from her and what it 'it' takes her away from heart would break to never be put in place. i'm all entangled with being their mom. i'm all about them...i don't think i'm the type that could survive without them. and i'm afraid of loosing any of them..and it hurts to see her so strong and so good...yeap, i wish she had a careless childhood..few have it and i wish my kids were one of them..

see hon, no logic, i know, no logic, just confused fear and pain all tangled in's all in the head i guess, lol..

thank you dear friend, for it's good to bear my soul and still know you will talk to me afterwards lol..

love, Chana

Dirty Butter said...

Oh, Chana, you make me cry with all the hurt you feel as a mother. Please don't think I don't understand the way a mother can feel guilty over every little thing that goes wrong in her child's life. Let alone something like this. It's all in the head? No ... it's all in the heart, dear Chana. But I still say you need to find some peace for yourself, and forgiving yourself for something you couldn't, and can't, control is the only way I know how to express it. Always, my dear friend, feel free to vent or say whatever you need to. I'm liable to do the same to you some day, so fire away, lady! I expect to be checking on you for a long time to come. You can't scare me away that easily.

red dirt girl said...

What a great memory......and they all knew one another.......!! LOL

And you ARE right - it is not shameless self-promotion to be a featured villager at Blog Village - it's an honor - truly.

Thanks DB!

red dirt girl

Dirty Butter said...

OK, Red Dirt Girl, that makes one more friend who's had a good laugh at my expense LOL!! And I get to laugh at myself again every time I think about it.

I'm glad you see it as an honor to be featured on BLOG VILLAGE, as that is what it is meant to be.

Modus Vivendi said...

Dear Dirty Butter, you end your story with the words:
"And they knew each other"
And I'm too blessed to meet you.
While writing to you I sense myself so strong and omnipotent and therefore I feel myself so guilty for some murmurs I have shared with you recently.

Dear Dirty Butter,
my best wishes are flowing to you. Thus let me tell you a story that I had luck to witness today at

Thank you

Dirty Butter said...

You always have such nice things to say, Tomas. I took a look at the Modus Vivendi blog, and you're right. It's well worth visiting.