Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo! Family Blog Carnival

I'm entering our BLOG VILLAGE Family Blog Carnival with a post from this blog. I have sent my information to Kilroy. Have you entered?

Any blog that LINKS TO any Villager's blog can enter, too!

The THEME is "A post about Family".

Carnival entries may be submitted NOW.

The DEADLINE for entries is TONIGHT!!!

Thursday, Jan. 25th, at 11:59PM EST.
Here are the RULES for our FAMILY BLOG CARNIVAL:

Blog MUST belong EITHER to a BLOG VILLAGE member OR link directly TO a BLOG VILLAGE Blog.

Only 1 entry per blogger.

Only English language posts will be accepted.

No posts with titles, or with pictures, containing profanity, or of a sexual or suggestive nature, will be accepted.


1. Pick out a post that you feel is about FAMILY. That should provide you with a lot of flexibility.

2. Send the URL for that post, along with the post's title, to:


If you are entering as a blogger who links TO a Villager ---

Please note: if you are linked to more than one Blog Village member, please indicate with which blog you want to be grouped in the Carnival.

I'd love to see this Carnival have a lot of participants, so how about taking a look at your blog to see if YOU have a good post to enter. All you need to do is either be a member of BLOG VILLAGE (Apply Here) OR Link TO any BLOG VILLAGE blog. Then, be sure to follow the rules and submit your post before the Jan. 25th deadline.

I look forward to reading your post!!


Skittles said...

I'm looking forward to the carnival as well!

Dirty Butter said...

I'm biting my tongue and not asking Kilroy how many have registered, Skittles!

CyberCelt said...

Happy Click & Comment Monday. I love carnivals. I have already sent in my post. I am using the one about wills because everyone is tired of reading my Darfur post. ;-(

Have a great week.

Dirty Butter said...

I had never entered a Carnival until Kilroy co-hosted one, Cybercelt. I'm glad you think having a BLOG VILLAGE Carnival was a good idea!

Sharon Lynne said...

This might be a little off-topic, but how many posts does one have to accumulate to join blog village? Just wondering. Signed...new blogger

Dirty Butter said...

Hi Sharon Lynne! I don't really have a certain number in mind. I need enough posts to have a clear impression of what the blog is about, what type of language I can expect from a blogger, and what type of pictures, if any, are likely to be on it.

I am more lenient, in terms of how many posts are there, with current Villagers who want to add another blog to our TopList, as I have some idea of what to expect from them.

I hope that answers your question. I do try to contact bloggers who have applied, if the reason they are denied is due to the small number of posts I had to judge from. I always ask them to apply again, after their blog has filled out some, if I think they might be appropriate for our little Village.

Your blog is a perfect example of what I mean, Sharon. So far, it looks great, but the posts were all done within a short period of time. I would love to see where you take your blog after those first few "good ideas" are posted. I look forward to you being a Villager in the near future. (I already had your blog bookmarked, so I could take a peek from time to time.)

Janey Loree said...

I've sent my post for the carnival, too! From what I can tell the response is really good! I can't wait for the 26th!!! This is my first blog carnival as well, DB!

Dirty Butter said...

I sent mine off the other day, Janey Loree. I'm sure Kilroy has been very busy, judging from all who have said they would join.

I thought I'd send out a reminder email tomorrow night.

Sharon Lynne said...

A quick thank you for your reply to my question! Yes, I think I'm still evolving.

Dirty Butter said...

You're more than welcome, Sharon Lynne, and I'm glad that answers your question. Keep in touch, OK?

Tomas said...

I am so happy for you and so sorry for my weak English.

My comment may look like having nothing in common with a family, however, isn't humanity not the family? We all should recognize ourselves as children of the light who walk under the same heaven

The artists are renaming the byways into the highways and don’t stop wondering at the absence of the traffic there. In other words, we encounter the reality where the toys of lovely fairy tales of our childhood awake only in midnights… the toys wonder, why people, who talk about spiritual oneness of the humanity, cluster into the striving between groups for to express their faith aloud.
I would name the artists the priests of the light that refreshes all who seek for her…and even those who don’t bother for any meaning. However if I name a knife the daily bread, would you understand me?
And thus the artists become the disabled, who are too weak to live in a town and fight themselves.

Thank you for reading my post. You became the inseparable part of my heart.

Dirty Butter said...

I'll be the first to admit, Tomas, that I don't always understand every sentence you write. But I always feel like I've understood completely the points you are making.

Artists are the priests of light?? I understand exactly what you mean. Isn't that what counts??

I'd like to see what my posts would look like in Spanish, French, or Russian, which are all languages I have taken in school at one time or another!!! ROTFL!!! HA!