Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An Elephant Childhood Memory

It's really funny what odd little bits and pieces of the past linger with us over the years. One of my memories from my grandmother's home in Chicago is of a little china creamer. I can see it in my head as if I had used it just yesterday. It was a squat little pitcher, with a short trunk as a pouring spout and the tail became the handle. His bulging sides became the bowl of the creamer, and I remember that the details of his head were outlined in pastel pinks and blues.

It wouldn't do for Grandmother to pour milk into my glass from the milk bottle. No, she would put the milk in the little pitcher, and I would oh so happily pour the milk into my glass or on my cereal through that wonderful spout. I even remember just drinking straight from the elephant's trunk. Why it turned ordinary milk into such a treat, only a child could completely understand. But it was special to me, turning the mundane into magic.

Grandmother and Granddaddy moved from Chicago to Birmingham, where we lived, when I was 14. I was busy adjusting to High School, and, for the time being, relics of my childhood were not on my mind. So, there are several things from their Chicago home that were left behind that I wish now I had had the good sense to ask for. That little elephant would be at the top of my list.

I've looked at many little elephant pitchers at Estate Sales, hoping to one day find MY elephant, but so far I've been disappointed by each one. What made him different from others I've seen is hard to put into words, but I know I'll recognize this childhood friend of mine when I see him.


jan said...

I know exactly what you mean. Some objects from my childhood have been seared into my brain. I've been able to locate a ceramic pitcher that was exactly like my aunt used to serve lemonade. It is not to be touched today. :>)

Dirty Butter said...

You're lucky to have been able to find the lemonade pitcher, Jan. I've seen some elephant creamer size pitchers on our Friday Date Day, but not the right one, yet.

Marion said...

I received a little house teapot from my grandmother many years ago. It was in the shape of a cottage, and had flowers painted on its side.

I loved it, but it was stolen many years ago, during a break in, and I have never seen one like it since.

Some things just trigger memories from childhood for me, and I miss that teapot still.

Dirty Butter said...

I've seen modern versions of teapots made like that, Marion. If you can tell me more about it, such as size, or any details you remember, I'll keep a lookout for you when we go Estate Sale rummaging. Was it fine china, or more like ceramics?

Jackie said...

The elephant pitcher sounds wonderful. Just the thing to encourage a child to drink milk (or in my case soy milk).

The only unique thing I remember like that on our table was a house, not tea pot like Marions but a cheese dish. I never know what happened to it.

Dirty Butter said...

You're right about encouraging me to drink milk, Jackie. I loved milk as a child. A house cheese dish ... now that I've never seen!

Chana said...

hello friend. how nice to visit you again for i have missed you and your wonderful memories. i'm so glad to be here, it feels so comforting. then again, all your love and care always makes me feel comforted. how could i ever thank you for all your loving comments and good councel..thank you dear friend.

i love you too. i do feel better and keep on resting and sleeping and behaving...i will be back to visiting you soon i hope. much love and many hugs. hope you are well..XOXO

Dirty Butter said...

I'm glad you enjoy reading about my memories, Chana. Now, I'm I going to have to stop commenting on your blog to get you to REST????