Friday, January 26, 2007

Our First BLOG VILLAGE Family Blog Carnival !

We invite you to enjoy reading all the entries to our first blog carnival.

I have an entry from Yesterday's Memories included!

Thanks to all of you who entered our first Blog Carnival, and a HUGE THANK YOU to KILROY for suggesting it, and doing all the hard work on this one. PLEASE take time to visit Fear and Loathing - The Gonzo Papers and let him know how much you appreciate all the time and effort he's put into this to make it such a great Carnival!!


Evolution of gina said...

Just wanted to tell you that I responded to your comment on my blog. Thank you so much for your support.


Kilroy_60 said...

People seem to have been generally happy with the carnival results. I'm happy how it worked out.

A quick note, the link for me in your sidebar goes to a dead page. If you can point it to Kilroy's The Gonzo Papers I'd appreciate it.

We're taking submissions for the next carnival. I think you'll get a smile from the announcement I have posted. 8-)

Dirty Butter said...

I'm sorry I don't get around to reading your blog as often as I'd like to, Gina. I hope college continues to go well for you. You certainly do have my support, as I went back for my Masters after being out of school 10 years. It just about did me in. LOL

Dirty Butter said...

It looks like the Carnival was a big success among the Villagers, for sure.

I fixed your link, and I will be entering your new Carnival.

Oh, and Mickey is a cute touch LOL.

jillbeth said...

Rosemary, I appreciate your comments on my blog. I feel so blessed to be able to reach people and offer them a little inspiration. I praise God for this wonderful gift he has given me.

One thing that always brings back memories to me is the smell of spearmint. When I was young, we would visit my paternal grandparents perhaps once or twice a year. It seemed like quite a long drive then, although it was only about 4-5 hours. They lived on a very small farm that overlooked a valley, so picturesque there and it was my favorite place to visit. She made me feel special and loved. Grandma always had spearmint gum in her cupboard and sent a pack home with each of us when we headed home. To this day, whenever I smell spearmint it bring back memories of those visits.

Dirty Butter said...

I've read somewhere, Jillbeth, that smells make the strongest memories. Your peppermint memories are priceless! Thanks for sharing with us.