Sunday, March 11, 2007

Estate Sale Suggestion - Not My Usual Kind of Post, But a Word of Advice

If you have anyone in your family who is likely to need home care or special equipment, such as a walker, you really should check out a few estate sales before buying anything brand new. If you know what a good quality piece of equipment looks like, and you've done your homework on what they cost new, you'll be amazed at how cheaply these types of items can be found, when children are trying to empty out their parents' home.

But one thing I would suggest that you might not think to look for, until you actually need it for a loved one, is to be on the lookout for the large sections of artificial fleece that will sometimes show up at such sales. These are extremely expensive to buy new, and it's not unusual to walk away from an Estate Sale with one for just a couple of dollars. They are fantastic, not only underneath a bed ridden person, but also as an under pad in that favorite chair, cushions for elbows and heels, and the perfect soft material to put between knees and ankles. They wick moisture away from the body, are strong enough to act as draw sheets, wash and dry quickly, and can be bleached, if necessary. And when the time comes that you need to change Depends in the bed, they make it very easy to tuck the dirty one under and pull it out without stressing tender skin as much as using just a draw sheet does.


Sharon Lynne said...

I received a real fleece piece for a shower gift, when I was expecting my first child. It's was about as big as 2 pillow cases. Cody loved sleeping on it! And I loved laying my head on it. What a nice feeling!

I didn't know they made artificial ones. I'm glad they do and that they work as well as real fleece! (I'm thinking...I wonder if mine is artificial, and the gift-giver thought it was real...hmmm.)

Dirty Butter said...

Ooooooo I can see why Cody loved sleeping on it, but I never heard of using it for babies!!!

Artificial ones have a cloth backing, usually a course texture. I suppose the real thing has a skin??

The two pillow case size is what we've found most useful. In fact, we bought a 60" one not long ago and cut it in half. The big one was just too hard to wash.

Sharon Lynne said...

Yes, it has a skin backing...

I accidently through it in the dryer once and it shrunk several inches. So I air dry it now.

Dirty Butter said...

I've never seen the real thing, but I can just imagine how wonderful it would feel.