Saturday, April 14, 2007

Strange Friday 13th

DH and I had a good laugh about our Date Day Friday. Do you ever have days when it seems like nothing goes as planned? That was yesterday, for us.

First off, I couldn't get the online classifieds to show only Garage/Estate Sales for yesterday, the way I usually do, so I slogged through last week's and this week's looking for ones for us to go to. One of the promising ones was a church sale, but they didn't give an address. By the time I tracked that down, I forgot to look at when they opened the sale, and we drove way out of our way only to find that it didn't start until noon! We got lost on a couple of the others, making I don't know how many U-turns, and we gave up completely on one of them. Another one ended up at someone's house who was NOT having a sale - I have NO idea how that happened. LOL

So, as the day was getting on, we decided to go home the long way so we could check out that church again. It was an extremely well run sale, but not a single thing we would be interested in! On the long ride home on an unfamiliar stretch of Interstate, DH took a wrong exit while I dozed, so we drove a lot farther than necessary.

I hate it that he did all that driving and we have so little to show for it, but we do enjoy each other's company, and its' certainly given us something to laugh about. But if that happened very often, I think we'd get out of the eBay business!

Now that's not the end of it. There was an Estate Sale adverstised for today, Saturday, pretty near us, so we got up early as usual, walked at the track, and drove to the sale address. When we got there - no signs - only several people standing around with a bunch of stuff crowded into an open garage. Hubby got out to see if we had the wrong place. No, they had called off the sale due to approaching bad weather, and if he told her what we wanted she'd see if she could find it!! It's a good thing we're not cussing folks, or she might have gotten an ear full. ROTFL

So, we had a Friday the Thirteenth weekend, for sure.


Sharon Lynne said... least you came home with your pockets still filled with you money! LOL

Thanks for checking on me...things may be difficult for awhile...until my son makes some major changes in his life.

Dirty Butter said...

Hmmmm.... that's one way to put a positive spin on things LOL!!

Have you ever read the "Boundaries" books? If not, Sharon, you probably need to. Our DD's psychologist recommended the first one, but there's a whole series of them now.

Naomi said...

Sometimes things happen like this Rosemary! It's always frustrating when you don't come back with what you originally went out for. Better luck next time. As Sharon said at least you still have your money intact!

Dirty Butter said...

We have days like this when we have trouble finding places, but I think this may have been a Comedy of Errors in that department, Naomi. Oh well, money we didn't spend last week will get spent on another Date Day, for sure LOL.