Monday, April 30, 2007

Turning into an Old Fogey?

We are both big fans of the Law and Order and CSI series, so we did something last night we've never done before. We cut off the CSI Las Vegas we watched last night (I'm not sure if it was taped or on last night, though.), because the gratuitous use of sexually explicit language just was too much to tolerate. I didn't mind the graphic description of the deceased's genitalia during the autopsy, since those could have been clues to help solve the murder. But then one of the characters made a crude remark about them, on top of quite a few previous crude comments concerning, and provocative poses of, the Las Vegas legal prostitutes, even while they were being interviewed by the police. That was the last straw, and we changed stations.

I realize that this is adult TV, and as an adult I can choose to turn it off if I find it offensive, but I'm ashamed of them for that episode.

I can remember in college, if two fellows were chatting nearby and said something "dirty" or they cursed, they would apologize to me if they realized I could hear their conversation. Did being mindful of other people's feelings just disappear in the last 40 years or so?

This is one of those times when I would love to see a return to the values of the "Good Old Days," where people showed more respect for the feelings of those around them, regardless of the kind of language they used around people who didn't mind their choice of words or topic of conversation.


Naomi said...

Unfortunately this sort of thing seems to be the norm in a lot of tv shows and films now. Just goes to show how times have changed Rosemary.

Dirty Butter said...

TV has been a lot cruder in England than in the US for some time, hasn't it, Naomi, or is that a false impression?

My problem is, though, why stick in stuff like this when it really doesn't have anything to do with the story line? Do they think we're all 10 year olds, enjoying flaunting our knowledge of crudity??