Monday, May 28, 2007

Do You Remember Premiums??

Every once in a while when we find something unusual at an Estate Sale, we buy it, even though we don't have a clue what it might be worth, just for the education it can give us when we do the research.

Mary Dunbar 1920's Glass Ovenware Loaf Pan NM
This glass oven ware pan was just such a find last week, that I couldn't resist. What intrigued me was the big logo in the bottom with the cursive name of Mary Dunbar in it. I had never heard of that name before, but when I did the research on her, I found some very interesting information. I even found a forum where her grand daughter was chatting about what her grandmother had accomplished!

It seems that Mary Dunbar was the name given to the Jewel Tea Co.'s spokesperson in the 1920's. The lady who went by that company name was the head of the company's test kitchen, and wrote a series of cookbooks and a monthly newsletter. She is credited with the invention of the 7 minute icing recipe. There was even a Mary Dunbar seal of approval, much like the Good Housekeeping seal of today.

It seems that the Jewel Tea Co. put coupons in with their various spices and tea products, and those coupons could be redeemed for various household goods. The most well known of these was the Hall China Co. Autumn Leaf pattern china and related items. This pattern in highly collectible today. Our loaf pan was probably one of those premium items.

We have this Mary Dunbar pan listed on eBay now, if you're interested.

Premium items used to be so common. Banks gave you clocks and toasters for joining, and Service Stations gave out knives with fill-ups. I'm sure you can think of a lot more such give-aways. The customer was KING in those days. Now you're lucky if you get a pen with the company name on it, or a refrigerator magnet!!

Hmmmmmm .... something's changed over the years, hasn't it?? Now, it seems as if the mentality of most businesses and clerks is that they are doing us a favor by deigning to do business with us. I liked it better the way it used to be, thank you very much!!


Donald Douglas said...

Wishing you a warm holiday greeting! I hope you and yours are doing well.

Burkean Reflections

jan said...

When I find a business with good customer service I remain loyal and keep going back. I think many people don't remember what good service used to be.

Dirty Butter said...

I agree completely, Jan. Younger people really don't know just how shortchanged they are, as they have nothing to compare today's "service" to.

We are very loyal to businesses with good service, even if their prices are a little higher.

Sharon Lynne said...

Nice looking piece! I thought I'd stop in for a quick visit. Hope you are doing well!

My husband and I received a lot of casserole dishes when we were first married. We're still using them!
Of course, some of them have disappeared mysteriously. Most likely I left them at a church potluck or at someone's house!

Sheila said...

Mary could have been more of a Betty Crocker with a little better marketing. This was an interesting post. I don't know what to hang onto these days since most of the stuff given away is so cheaply made in China that I wonder if it will ever have a lasting value like the old premiums.

And you are so right about the service point. On a side note, however, I am finding the service much better here in the Midwest as opposed to what we found in Montgomery. I will go where I am treated better but not everyone does because somebody is keeping those surly clerks employed.

Chana said...

hello long time no see friend. good to see you are still finding amazing things and sharing them.

i had never heard of her but i like how banks used to treat customers.

i just found out that here in Alberta, we have the beginnings of a bit of interest along the same line..They are offering some rewards, like Airmiles for everyday banking and even using the debit card...

it's a start, specially for me who is hoping airmiles will take me and the kids to miami one of these days, lol..

hope you and the family been well. it's good to be here again. i missed you and i'm starting to feel better so hopefully i'll start blogging more..

many hugs and much love dear one.

Dirty Butter said...

We enjoyed being able to put that Mary Dunbar pan in the hands of a collector, who really appreciates it. And yes, Sharon Lynne, as long as we've been married, we still have wedding gifts we've never used!! One of these days, THEY are going on eBay ! LOL

Dirty Butter said...

Glad to hear you're settling in in your new home, Sheila, and that people are more helpful. As well known as the Jewel Tea Co. was, it surprises me that I've never run across her name before. There's just so much to learn about vintage items that one person can't possibly absorb it all.

Dirty Butter said...

It's good to hear from you, Chana, and particularly that you're feeling better. I've been off of blogging now for awhile myself. Can't seem to find time for everything I need to be doing.

It would be nice if businesses started treating us like the asset that we are, instead of as a right, wouldn't it.

Naomi said...

Nice dish. My Mum has some glass dishes like this. I totally agree with everything you say. I grew up in the days of Green Shield stamps and getting rewards for purchsing goods in England. Nowadays you're lucky to get a smile or thank you when you go into a shop, let alone a freebie for the custom! People just don't care anymore.

Dirty Butter said...

It's a shame to see this change away from customer service over the years, Naomi, but lately we've been pleasantly surprised by some really helpful construction people who have been working around our house. So, all is not lost yet. Of course it doesn't hurt that I taught some of the people of these crews!!!