Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do You Believe There's Only ONE Person for Each of Us??

My wonderful hubby and I have been head over heels in love with each other since 1960. I would hate to think that there is only one perfect mate for each of us, what with all the divorced people, widowed and such, out there searching, but, in my case, I think I found him!!

And why, do you ask (you ARE asking, aren't you?) did I come up with that to blog about today? One of my blogs is a lost toy search service, as part of our Plush Animal Shoppe. We get lots of stories from parents looking for a toy that their child is just heart sick without. Sometimes we can help them, and sometimes we can't.

But I've been writing back and for to a young fellow the last few days who has one of the most heart wrenching stories of any we have ever published. With that said, here is his story, in its entirety.


Greg is not the only one looking for this particular elephant. Try as I might, I haven't been able to locate one, or even a picture of one. He posted this heart wrenching story as a comment on a previous search request here on Plush Memories, but I just couldn't leave such a story buried in the comments!
This must have been some Elephant! My wonderful girlfriend, and soul mate, told me stories about her Elephant (which is identical to the one you're looking for) She got hers from her father as she was torn from him arms in Saudi Arabia (she's American) Her and her mother spent some time in Saudi custody before the American Embassy stepped in and had them sent back to America. The trauma was too much for her mother and my girlfriend was eventually put into an orphanage where she was separated from the only thing she had left to remember her family (her elephant). She got a letter when she was 15 telling her that her father in Saudi desperately wanted to come to her, but was killed in the process.

She cries when she talks about it, and she's pretty much come to terms with the fact that she'll never see him or her elephant again. If I can find an elephant like this one, my plan is to tie an engagement ring on a ribbon around it's neck and give it to her. It's very symbolic of "family" to her and I think would be the perfect way to tell her I want to spend forever with her and start a family with her. If anyone can help me locate this elephant it could help a beautiful young girl get some closure to a horrible childhood, and could help me give her a feeling of security for the future! Please help!

The elephant was yellow, had pink inside the ears, sang "You Are My Sunshine," and the head softly moved while it was playing. I believe it was made by Eden. Thank you so very much!

If you can help Greg find this oh so special musical elephant, please Contact Us, including #081607-1 in the subject, or Comment Here.

Searching for a toy - Originally posted 08/16/2007


He wrote me today to thank me for making the extra post about his search, and that's what got me to thinking about how great a marriage my DH and I have, and how much I would love to help this young fellow pop the question with this Sunshine Elephant!!

Thank you so much Rosemary! Everything about this relationship has been very unexplained, how we came together, etc. We are both from very different backgrounds but I have fallen for her and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. :) As they say "there is one girl for every boy" We were lucky enough to find each other. Thanks again Rosemary. Bless your soul.

I've posted lots of sweet stories, but I can't say that I've had another one that touched me so much personally. Please pass this request link along on your blog, and let's see if we can make his dream of proposing to his "perfect girl" come true.


Sheila said...

I don't come here very often, but the story did catch my eye today. My older son had what sounds like the same kind of elephant, but it was a baby blue. The head turned and the song was the same. It was in a big sack in our basement when the basement flooded. Some animals survived but I can't remember if the elephant did. If it did, it would be with him. I'd write and ask him if you think this young man would be interested in a blue version of his sweetheart's old elephant.

Sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

On the subject of lost treasures: younger son had a soft lovey bear that he took around with him everywhere. On a trip to Chicago, we lost it at the downtown Hilton. We tried and tried but he never turned up. We replaced it with a new one but he never was loved like that one we left behind.

Dirty Butter said...

I really will be totally surprised, Shelia, if we find this particular elephant, so he might be very pleased to have the blue version. I'll email him and see what he says.