Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hurray for Plano! A+ for Customer Service!!!

It's such a rarity to find excellent customer service these days that I feel compelled to share with you a very satisfactory experience I had this week. We have been looking for a really good way to store my week's worth of medicines in such a way that I can carry one day's pills with me easily, plus have each time's dose in a separate compartment. Right now I'm taking 27 pills, capsules, and gel caps, spread over 12 times a day, and some of them look very similar. So dumping a day's worth into a pill box to carry in my pocket just isn't a reasonable choice for me.

So, I checked all the pill container systems I could find on the Internet, and didn't find a thing I truly liked. Then, we decided to think "outside the box," if you will, and we looked for some type of tool box or craft supply box that would have lots of little compartments. We found pretty much what we had in mind, and we bought two Plano Stow'N Go tool/tackle storage boxes from Lowe's that contain four small removable boxes each. The insides of the removable boxes can be configured with little plastic dividers that come with each box. Trouble is, I need every little compartment possible, and they don't include enough partitions to make every possible cubby.

So, just on the chance that it might do some good, I emailed the Plano company, explaining how I was using their product, and my need for some more dividers. I offered to pay for the extra dividers, too. I received a prompt reply, and was told that they would put what I needed in the mail, with no charge.

And, sure enough, yesterday they arrived in the mail. So, my hat's off to this caring company, who seem to conduct their business with a regard for their customers that is more reminiscent of 50 years ago, rather than the "I'm doing you a favor by waiting on you" attitude of so many companies today.


Marsha said...

What a wonderful experience. I am glad you found something that works for you. I have encountered quite a lot of that type of service since moving to Mississippi.

Dirty Butter said...

It's part of "Southern hospitality" I think. We may drawl, but we also are moving at a slow enough pace to have time to treat people as individuals.