Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tommee Tippee Memories

circa 1940's Tommee Tippee Baby Cup and Bowl
Sometimes we find old things at Estate Sales that just flood my thoughts with childhood memories. One such item we found not long ago was a Tommee Tippee set of an old food dish and child's drinking cup. They were definitely used a lot, and this cup does not have the sippy lid, but the old decals with the teddy bear were enough to send me into a nostalgic reverie. I used the weighted round bottom double handle cups with our own children, but this set is quite possibly from when I was a small child, and could very well have been like a set that I would have used.

I tried hunting down some history on the Westland Plastics Co. that made these way back when, but had no luck. Most of the weighted vintage cups that I could find on the Internet were assumed by the sellers to be from the 50's, but my immediate nostalgic reaction to this set would place it in the early 40's.

So, does this set look familiar to you? Can you help me place an age on them? I'd love to hear your stories about how old things like this can evoke powerful memories.


jan said...

I'm sure you've been to so many estate sales you don't even think about it. But it bothers me that people could just let all the things from the past of their families go to strangers.

Dirty Butter said...

Since we have had to dispose of both of our parents' homes, there's really not much you can do but sell it or give it away. We opened the houses for family to pick what they wanted, and then disposed of the rest of it.

It does bother us, Jan, when we see personal items, such as family pictures, in an Estate Sale. If we find something we think they should not be getting rid of, we track down the seller and suggest they keep it. Sometimes they are very grateful, as they overlooked it, but more often they don't care.

Norma said...

Your site is such fun to visit. Thanks.

Dirty Butter said...

Well, thank YOU, Norma. I'm glad you enjoy it!!

Jules said...

I love your blog i stumbled upon it and it was like eating chocolates out of the box,the memories so sweet i could taste them.Funny how in this blogworld you meet so many kindred spirits.I have always been a memory person and i remember things that no one else does like my grandmothers chinese glass windchime.It had magaical qualities that apparantly only i remember i finally found one for $1 and its my fav thing.But even my grandmother had long forgotten that tinkling chime.

Dirty Butter said...

Hi Jules, glad you stopped by and enjoyed the sweet memories with me. Judging by your own blog, we are soul mates, only I don't have a flair for display the way you do. You are a true artist when it comes to enjoying all our vintage finds.

I have several grandmother memories that are priceless to me, but no one else remembered what I am talking about. Now I am the only one left who even remembers my grandparents ... only a few cousins left who ever even met them.

Sad, really, a whole memory chain stops with me. I guess that's why I feel the need to write all this down.