Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May Just Keep Daddy's Car After All

We tried putting Daddy's car on eBay twice, but neither time did the bidders come close to our Reserve Price. I did get to write back and forth with one man who already restores these types of automobiles. He sent me some beautiful pictures, and he sounds like the perfect one to appreciate this vintage car. But, he is not willing to pay nearly enough to make it worth our while to sell it. I have it listed on Craigslist, and our own website FOR SALE pages and photos are still up. Also, we will be having an Estate/Yard Sale sometime in June, once I know a little better where I stand with my doctor's diagnoses, and we may be able to sell it then.

I was depressed at the thought of selling it, but then I was depressed when we didn't sell it. Kind of hard to please, aren't I!?

So it's beginning to look like we are just going to be a 3 car family. We do have the garage, so it won't be hard to protect it, at least. Hubby can drive it around here and keep it in good running condition. So far my driving has been limited to following him back from getting one of our cars worked on a couple of miles away and my monthly trip to get a hair cut, which is about a half mile from our house. It's my right leg and left shoulder that jerks, so controlling the gas pedal and keeping the steering wheel straight are a challenge.

In the tradition Daddy started of naming events by the car he had at the time, I guess I can add that the PT Cruiser was the last car I was able to drive. I see the doctor tomorrow, so I will hold out hope that this will turn out not to be true.

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