Saturday, June 14, 2008


Our wedding anniversary was yesterday, and we had a wonderful time celebrating it. Actually, we started celebrating on Thursday. The National Convention of Sacred Harp Singers was in the Birmingham area and we decided to go listen to some of it Thursday morning. We knew it would be loud, so we sat on the back pew as far away from the singers as we could get. It was still loud, but we both enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

The soundtrack from Cold Mountain is one of my favorites and had already peaked my interest in this form of music, but I was not prepared for the emotional reaction I had to many of the hymns. I cry much more easily now anyway, thanks to my medical condition, but there were several times that I had to fight back tears of emotion while we listened, particularly on some of the slower, more majestic ones. I cannot praise God enough for the wonderful improvement in my condition I have been experiencing for the last few weeks, and the music just brought all those emotions welling up to the surface.

We had expected to stay maybe an hour.... and ended up staying the whole day. There were plenty of breaks, it was easy to slip in and out to walk around for a bit, and we ate lunch there with them, too.

Then yesterday, which happened to fall on our normal Date Day, we ate out for breakfast. We both ordered what we wanted, with no regard for price or the amount of food they would serve. And we ate almost all of it, it was so good. We went to a few yard sales and one Estate Sale, did a little shopping, went to a movie, and then ate supper at a very nice restaurant not too far from our house - one that we don't normally go to due to the cost.

We told everyone we spoke to that it was our anniversary and how long we had been married, laughed, joked, and just generally had a wonderful time together. I think I was glowing like a new bride all day long. All that has happened to us medically the last couple of years, plus all the stresses of care giving that had accumulated just seemed to melt away. We were young again, dating. And it was a glorious feeling.


jan said...

What a beautiful celebration and what a wonderful love story.

Dirty Butter said...

I'm still glowing!! Thanks for stopping by, Jan.

Marion said...

How wonderful you must both feel with your better health, DB! I hope you'll glow for a long, long time!

Congratulations on 44 years together, as well. Wow. I will be 95 when I celebrate this one with Graham.

Dirty Butter said...

I am still so giddy happy that I can't express how thankful I am, Marion. If a blog could shout, this one would be doing that right now.