Saturday, July 19, 2008

Memory Slowdown Equals Bulging Pockets????

I can't count how many times in the last few months I have thought of something that would make a great post on this blog. Things come up in conversation or I see something on TV, or I remember something about the way things used to be ... all good starting points. The only problem is, by the time I can get to a place where I could jot down my thoughts ... they're gone.

Senior Moments? Medicine side effects? Brain Fog? Hard to say, but I suspect a little of all three. I know it is true that older folks tend to have less short term memory, but remember things from a long time ago a whole lot better. Certainly there are plenty of medicines that affect mental sharpness. I know from personal experience that some meds dull the mind. And then there's always the possibility that the brain fog is another symptom of my medical situation itself.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, I still need to deal with it. There are lots of ways to keep those current thoughts from slipping away so easily. There's the low tech way of always having a small notepad and pen handy, to high tech solutions, such as sending yourself emails or text messages from your cell phone. And I'm sure there are other ways to capture these fleeting thoughts, too. But I guess what I need to do is start carrying a piece of paper and a small pen with me everywhere.

I haven't carried a purse in years, opting instead for always buying pants with deep pockets. Now that I use a cane when we go to Estate Sales and such on our Friday Date Days, I really don't need to start carrying a purse, anyway. It's just one more thing to juggle, and I need to be able to concentrate on my balance and not breaking something!!

So it sounds like it's bulging pockets for me, unless I go for the Fanny Pack look, eh? Whichever I choose is not much of a fashion statement, but sometimes you just do whatcha gotta do!!!


jan said...

I'm constantly writing down ideas in a notebook for topics for stories or blog posts. The trouble is sometimes when I come back to them, they read like this: trubdro ony ousreid ins seraffy.

Dirty Butter said...

My my, Jan. Your shorthand looks a lot like mine!!! I have a real short pen that looks a little like a divining rod that is for unsteady hands. It will fit in my pocket pretty easily and the point retracts. Put a small piece of paper with it and maybe I won't lose all these great ideas I have at the least opportune moments!