Monday, August 25, 2008

I Hope the British Use Good Judgement!!

The Olympics are over and for the first time that I can remember I did not watch the closing ceremony with any real interest. It was on, but I was working on the computer and glancing up from time to time. Every time they showed people singing I couldn't help but wonder if those were the voices we were hearing or not. The incident with the little girls really soured me.

I was so tired of watching swimming and volley ball that I don't really feel like I saw the Olympics this time. I enjoy watching the track sports most of all and would love to have seen the Decathalon, plus we did not get to see the basketball games, either. Of course we are in the minority in this country, because we do not have cable or satellite TV. We couldn't even get it using our new HD cable box, because the one station that we can't pick up on HD is the one that carried the Olympics.

So I look forward to the British Olympics. I will be surprised if the British attempt any kind of an extravaganza on the scale the Chinese chose to present. Whatever England does, you can be sure it will not be at the expense of the rest of the country the way the Chinese outside of Beijing were shortchanged. There was even one report that outlying areas were low on drinking water because so much was being funneled to Beijing.

One of the "fluff pieces" we did see was about what has happened in Athens to all the Olympic venues, and it was very discouraging to see so many buildings and complexes in total ruin, covered with graffiti, and fenced off.

It's kind of like children's birthday parties. When our children were little we had a few playmates over for ice cream and cupcakes, lit the candles and made a wish, and that was about it. We didn't have to try to out do our children's friends' last birthday parties. Now I see youngsters being let off at the skating rink in a limo for their party. Oneupmanship can be a very self defeating upward spiral that eventually has a downward spiral. Makes me think of the song Is That All There IS?

So I enjoyed the Olympics, but was also saddened by them this year. Do it right in 2010, Great Britain. It's about the Olympians!!


Naomi said...

We'll do our best to get it right in 2011 Rosemary!

Dirty Butter said...

I was hoping you would see this post, and I am ashamed that I haven't stopped by your blog in a long time. Time ... where does it all go???!!!