Friday, September 05, 2008


As I write this we're watching the television program pushing for a concerted effort of all Americans to fund the research necessary to fight and win the battle against Cancer. Both of us are watching it. Seems like such a simple thing, but five and a half years ago my wonderful hubby had a routine colonoscopy, and I heard those horrible words, "It's cancer." I remember that time, trying to call our children, trying to hold myself together, trying to let it sink in without drowning me.

He was one of the lucky ones whose cancer was caught very early. He lost a lot of his colon and his abdomen is held together with a mesh fabric, but he did not need chemo or radiation. And he's OK!! We are so blessed.

One in three of the people who read this post will have cancer in their lifetime. Are you the one?

Give what you can to fund research, get regular checkups, make life choices that will increase your odds of never hearing those horrible words - quit using tobacco products, protect your skin from UV rays, and maintain a consistently healthy diet high in fiber.

The Big C was such a death sentence in years past that people couldn't even bring themselves to say the word. That fear has a name now, and we can WIN the fight and find the cure!

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