Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid!!

"It's the ECONOMY, Stupid!"

That slogan worked to defeat President George Bush Sr. in his re-election bid. And it worked, although never spoken of with those terms, to defeat the Republicans this year.

Here's a little story to illustrate my point.
A fellow goes into a small store to buy some shirts. While he's browsing he hears the owner talking to someone at the cash register, telling him how terrible business has been and that he may have to close his store. The man looks at the shirt in his hand and decides maybe he better put it back. He might need that money for something else, if things are getting this bad. He leaves the store without making a purchase.

I honestly believe that a lot of the trouble we are in financially right now is directly caused by all the negative campaign talk the Democrats used to get Obama into office. We, as the American people, have talked ourselves into much of this slowdown and possibly recession. Yes, the credit card and mortgage businesses were ripe for a downfall, taking along the banks and institutions that invested heavily in their junk bonds. But the fall was as hard and as all inclusive as it was, because everyday people got scared and put the shirt back.

So, now that the election is over hopefully President Elect Obama can instill enough confidence in the American public to make them feel comfortable buying again. The Christmas buying season will be the test of any optimism or pessimism that permeates our country right now.

My advice? Don't charge presents that you can't afford, but be level headed and spend the money you would have normally if you can afford it. Stop talking negatively about the economy! Find something positive to say if at all possible. Encourage positive thinking and talking. We talked ourselves into this hole and we can go a long way toward getting out of the hole by talking ourselves out of it.

Don't stand at the counter bad mouthing the economy, and DON'T put the shirt back!!


jan said...

This is SO true. The media has been trying to say how bad the economy was for eight years in spite of all the indications that it is robust. People need to look at what their good sense tells them and not what the pessimists say for their own ambition.

Dirty Butter said...

I imagine the Democratic campaign planners were elated when they saw the DOW diving. Trouble is, they did such a good job of talking it down that now Obama is going to find it difficult to talk it back up!!

It's like sawing table legs to get rid of the wobble - oh so hard to make it come out even!

Thanks for stopping by Jan. As always I enjoy your dog stories. Still marveling at the stray pit bull that saved the woman and child!

Kathleen said...

Obama is going to find it difficult to talk it back up!!

So Very True!!!!

Dirty Butter said...

I was never too impressed by Obama's ability to speak impromptu, but if there's anything positive to be said about him it is certainly that he is a charismatic speaker. I do expect him to be able to alleviate a lot of the population's fears, much as Reagan,Roosevelt, and Churchill did. Some people just have that knack, and I am praying that President Obama will!!

selcom60 said...

There is little to be optimistic about right now about the economy. We didn't talk ourselves into this mess though. People living beyond their means, predatory lending, credit abuse, etc -- led to this. The giving of credit over the last decade to those who didn't deserve it led to an artificially "up" economy.

I will agree that pessimistic talk, especially that of little substance, doesn't help though.

Dirty Butter said...

I will agree that the basic problem was with way too easy credit. But that situation has been in effect for years now - maybe 20 years???

I do think it was campaign talk that pushed us over the edge so drastically. In the long run that jerking a knot in our collective rear ends may turn out to be the best thing that came from this year's election.

Thanks for stopping by!

ScanDigital Staff said...

Its quite hard to believe all the promises that any politician makes. They promise real big, but there's never really a detailed plan of action for how they're going to accomplish it. I just sit back and open my photo album for a reminder of good times. Let's just hope for the best and do what we can to assist our new president.

Dirty Butter said...

President Elect Obama and his advisers are in my prayers every day. I hope for the best, but I also pray for the best.

I didn't vote for him, don't agree with his view of how to "fix" our country, but he's my President and I respect his office. It's my duty as an American and as a Christian to do all I can to make his presidency a great one.