Thursday, November 27, 2008


He's going to be our President very soon, so it's time to refer to him that way. The reference to our Presidents as "MR." started with Nixon I think, as people lost trust in the man, and carried their feelings over to the OFFICE. Clinton certainly didn't help things in the area of deserving respect, but he was still our President.

The Office of President deserves our utmost respect, even if we do not like or agree with the man/woman or his/her policies or even private life. (Isn't it quite an improvement to have to refer to both genders?)

So it pains me to hear commentators and read in print that Obama is doing this or that, or even Mr. Obama. He is now our President-Elect. He earned that title with the majority of the Electoral Votes, and I just wish people would show the respect for the office and call him that.

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