Saturday, November 01, 2008

Yard Sale Memories

We're having a Yard Sale today to get rid of a bunch of our own clutter, plus try to sell the furniture and odd and ends from my parents' home.

Daddy's recliner is in the yard sale. We bought it for hubby's dad, Pop, and then moved it up to Daddy's house after Pop passed away. I don't know what it is about men and their recliners, but you would have thought we were evicting Daddy from the house when we made the switch to Pop's recliner!! But his old one swiveled, and that made it unsafe for him to try to get out of.

The chair looks great, is extremely sturdy, but two dear old men sat in it during the last years of their lives. I'll be glad to see it gone.

We donated a bunch of Mama and Daddy's things when I cleaned out their house as best I could. But there's something about putting them in a yard sale that seems downright disrespectful, you know? But it doesn't make sense to keep it all, and at least some of it was still unused - gifts that were appreciated but never touched, or thought too good for everyday use - just stored away. Kind of sad. Note to self - stop saving things and start USING them.

We've reduced the price on Daddy's 1969 Chevrolet Caprice, too, and hope to find a buyer before we have to store it in the garage for the winter.

We plan to have one more sale this Fall, and hopefully finish getting rid of all of their old things and a bunch of our stuff, too, and then if we still have a lot we will do another one in the Spring. What's left after that will have to be sent off to the thrift store for sure.

We've had these boxes stored in one of the bedrooms we keep our plush animals and dolls stored in, so getting these out of the house will make it easier to get to our inventory.

Sifting through someone's past like this brings back all kinds of memories, but I can't keep it all. I've been steely eyed and put out things that I really would have liked to keep, but just can't. I won't miss them once they are gone, but it was harder than I expected laying them out to sell. Such mixed feelings are very normal I suspect.

We've been to many hundreds of these kinds of sales, but having one is going to be a new experience for us. Here we are in our 60's, and this is the first yard sale we have ever had on our own. Gee, another milestone has passed. LOL!!

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