Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Looking Back on 2008

I was shocked when I saw how long it had been since I posted to this blog. I've never gone that long in all the time I've had it, so my apologies to any who have been checking to see if I'm still kickin'!!

I'm not exactly sure what happened this year, but somehow it just went by in a blur. I've tried to look back and remember how all this time passed, and yes, there are some extremely significant events, but for the most part it is just that - a blur. And a fast blur at that.

This was the year that I finally received a diagnosis for my movement disorder that led to taking medicines that truly helped me. That was momentous, and I feel truly blessed and can't sing God's praises enough for leading me to the right doctors at the right time to get the right diagnosis.

This was also the year that my dear hubby passed his 5 year mark cancer free and was dismissed by his Oncologist. Our blessings just can't be counted!!!!

2008 saw all the years of working slowly and methodically toward a viable online business come to fruition, which is very satisfying and still a whole lot of fun for us. We've been grateful for the opportunity to help so many people find their lost lovies and ones from their childhood. They bless us daily with the excitement in their thank you emails when we help them find what they have been desperately searching for.

We added 2 "outside" cats to our family this year, too. We bring them in every other night just so our inside cat can learn to be a cat, and so we can keep them used to staying close to home. They have all three given us untold times to laugh and enjoy them, each with their own distinct personalities.

It's been the year when one of our daughters and her hubby had financial difficulties of a major proportion, which has caused considerable stress all the way around. We are thankful that we are in good enough financial shape ourselves to be able to tide them over until this bad time passes.

2008 did not find me exercising as much as I should have been, but I have been doing better the last couple of months, and hopefully will continue to work at it. Particularly since the end of 2008 found me at my heaviest weight ever in my life, exercising is that much more necessary. Not a good thing, for sure, but maybe that scale will push me to do more than I think I can.

It's also been the year I started driving again, now that I am not on medication that made me fall asleep without any warning. I don't drive much, as I am out of practice, but it sure came in handy when hubby had cataract surgery this year. It's just one more way that I feel better about myself this year.

I'm racking my brain trying to think of anything else that went on this year, and nothing comes to mind. What I've listed represents the important events, but it's a shame all the day to day happenings have faded away so quickly.

Yesterday's memories are worth more than I am able to give them, and that's a shame. I pray that the medicines I am on now will not leave me in such a brain fog at the beginning of 2010!


jan said...

I'm really glad to see you back. I can understand being in a fog, I seem to be born in one and don't have an excuse of taking medication.:) I hope your wishes come true for 2009 and it is your best year ever.

Dirty Butter said...

I'm trying to get caught back up AGAIN Jan. Sorry it took me so long to follow up on your comment. I just popped over and left a comment on one of your posts. It's good to see you still have such a great blog going.