Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Sold Daddy's Car Today

The fellow who bought Daddy's car was so excited to get it that I just know it went to the right person. I'm sure Daddy is pleased. If I think really hard I can almost see him smiling in my mind. He had such a dry sense of humor. There was definitely a reason why Mama called him Sunny Jim!! And I can honestly say I was glad to see him drive off, enjoying the car just as Daddy had all those years.

I'm keeping the web pages I made of the car for myself, so in a way I will always have the car, where it matters - in my heart.

Yes, Daddy always dated every major event in his life by remembering the car he had at the time, and now Daddy's last car has been passed along to start a new life with a new owner who will love and enjoy it, too.


Noelle said...

Hello Everyone,

My name is Noelle and I and Dirty Butter’s oldest daughter. I read all the posts my mama puts up and it brought back a memory for me. And I wanted to share. First off let me explain, I am the emotional one in the family. Every family has one. I am the one that cries first and asks what happened later. (Yes, sometimes it gets me in trouble, I cry when I’m not supposed to and laugh at odd times, but I digress) It is a huge joke in my family that EVERY Christmas they bring me a roll of tissue first thing, and I usually use the whole roll. I might also point out that I am in my 40’s. OK, so background story complete.
My mother sold my grandfather’s car a couple of months ago and I was reading the post. I am like her I can see my grandfather now. Smiling about that car. I can remember that I thought I was hot stuff the day my grandfather gave me the keys and told me to start the car to keep the battery charged. He was ALWAYS tinkering or puttering when I was growing up. I can remember going to see a movie “Frances the kicking mule” in Birmingham in that car with my grandparents. We went back to their house and they made my sister and I ice cream floats. It seems like most of the important things in my growing up years had that car in them. Going to perform in All-County Band, we all rode in the car. Going to lunch on Sundays after church, we all rode in that car. We would go to Birmingham every Friday night and I remember going in that car sometimes.
It’s funny how things play back in your mind. I can still see my grandmother driving to the grocery store in that car doing 15 miles an hour and parking a ways away because she was worried that something might hit it.
So, whoever you are that bought my granddaddy’s car, please share the important things in your life in it. It has a long tradition of that.


Dirty Butter said...

Thanks for sharing your stories, Noelle. Now where's that toilet paper!!

Noelle said...

well, if you read the post it's at Em's house! DUH! :)