Sunday, March 01, 2009

Need Help Finding JULY, 1982 Issue of COMPUTE! MAGAZINE

Terry is searching for the July, 1982 issue of Compute! Magazine (Issue 26, Vol. 4, No. 7). He would like to purchase one or more copies (depending on the price) as it has an article written by his future father-in-law! If you have this magazine or know where he might locate it, please Contact Us.

I think it would help a lot if he could post his request on a computer collectibles forum, so if someone could suggest a place for him to post his request that would be great!

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Louisiana said...

hi, hope you are well. i see you posted my pic from that one summer, blog is going private so i can feel free to blog again. pls make sure i have your email so i don't miss out on more time with you.. love

(i hope you have been staying healthy, i miss you, xo Chana)