Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interesting Vintage Collectible HO Train Set up for Auction Soon

I received this email from John, who has a unique item going up for auction at Stout Auctions in PA. It sounds so unusual and interesting that I thought I would share it with you.

A toy train set with cross appeal will be going on the auction block in June. It is a limited edition item, never offered for sale to the public. It is new in box, and still has the original shipping shrink wrap around the box. The certificate of authenticity states the above, and further explains that it was offered as a premium to salesmen for selling parts and accessories.

It is the Zenith Video Express, and all the cars have the Zenith Radio and Television logo, and I know one box car has " Chromacolor " on the side.

He continues:

I do have a personal stake in this and I will explain! My mother died on the first of February of this year, and was preceeded by my father 2 years prior. The train set was given to him, as he was a Field Engineer for Zenith. I did not want to sell it here in the boondocks of PA, so I sent it to Stout Auctions, since they specialize in train hobbyist auctions.

Unfortunately, I purchased a digital camera after sending it to Stout Auctions, so I have no picture. They do sell catalogs of upcoming auctions, but I know that you can personally contact them, and they would probably send you a picture. I will try to describe it the best my 53 year old memory can muster.

The set was manufactured exclusively for the Zenith Radio and Television Corporation by Bachmann. It is HO scale and contains the locomotive and four other cars laid sideways, in the original box through the clear plastic windows. The outer, cosmetic parts of the cars are some form of heavy duty plastic. The outer shrink wrap has never been touched, save for a small tear, and a slight indentation on one of the plastic windows just beneath. No damage to the car underneath! All of the colors on both the display box and train are as vivid as the day produced. It has never been in a high heat, or direct sunlight situation.

In closing, link/contact info is:, e mail Katy ( Really nice girl ), ph # 724.528.1500.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it??!!

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