Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Love Vintage Tin Containers

1969 Nabisco Premium Saltines Crackers Storage Tin - Canister NEAR MINT CONDITION
Yes, I love old tins.

It's one of my "worst" weaknesses when we go to Estate Sales, because I just don't seem to be able to resist them. It takes some careful picking through those up for sale to be sure that we come home with the ones that are not dented or showing signs of rust, but the time spent being picky is certainly worth it.

I'm particularly fond of the old advertising food tins, which can be cleaned up and used in a display, but can also hold the original food, too. The old Nabisco tin shown here can be used to hold the same number of crackers as the 4 stack box of crackers.

I even keep all my odds and ends of spools of thread and sewing notions in an old tin.

Do you like old storage containers, or do you have a display of vintage tins? Do you give homemade baked goods gifts in old Christmas tins? What other uses can you think of for using these fantastic old containers? I look forward to hearing your ideas, as it may give me an "excuse" to go buy some more! LOL!


jan said...

I love the flat round ones. i keep craft supplies (labeled) and stack them on shelves. Attractive and organized. i wish the rest of my house was.

Dirty Butter said...

I said I kept my thread and sewing supplies in one, and some more in the kitchen being used for storage ... I did not mean to imply that I have an organized house!! I agree with you Jan ... I wish the rest of my house was that organized, too!

It's good to hear from you old friend!!

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

My grandmother had one of those saltine tins, but on two sides of it the content was in Spanish -- I don't remember where she bought it (she and my grandfather went around the world on three separate occasions) but I wish someone had kept hold of's one of my most treasured memories.

Dirty Butter said...

It really is strange the way our brains can store so many precious memories and comforting feelings in such mundane objects. One of mine is an everyday serving spoon of my mother's that is worn down on one side from so much use mixing cake batter. It brings back so many memories.

By the way, I love your blog!!

tami said...

Rosemary, I have the same cracker container. And yes, I use it as my cracker box.