Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bless This House O Lord We Pray

We went to an Estate Sale last week and found something I've never run across before. In the linen closet, stacked together neatly, was a HUGE stack of calendar towels, with dates stretching back through several decades. I thought I had hit the Motherlode!!

But, this wise lady had used her interesting towels after the year passed, and many were too faded to purchase. She knew what only a few apparently know ... that these linen calendar towels are absolutely GREAT for drying dishes, particularly glassware. They don't leave any lint or smears behind. So she not only had a beautiful 2008 calendar on her kitchen wall, but had enjoyed her collection every day, as they were displayed on the towel rack, and as she put her dishes away.

We did find several to buy that were still in very good condition, though, that I will be adding to the ones we already have for sale in our Collectibles Catalog. I always look for these interesting calendar towels when we go on our Friday Date Day, because they are colorful, are easy for me to store, and they don't break in shipment!

And I must not be the only one who enjoys them, because I've lost count of how many we have sold over the years. Some are bought because of the year they show, others for the attractive pictures, and some, such as this one might be, for the sayings that are written on them. But whatever the reason for the purchase, not many of them stay in stock for very long.


jan said...

My dad had diabetes, and some organization was selling these to raise money to find a cure. We always got a new one for each year while he was alive. I wanted to keep them colorful, but the temptation to use them was always too much.

Dirty Butter said...

My mother didn't collect them yearly, but the few she had she used to the point that you can hardly tell what the picture is. Precious memories!!!