Sunday, August 09, 2009

FAMILY GAME NIGHT - A Thing of the Past??

1960 GAME of STATES Family BOARD GAME Milton Bradley NM
Do you watch much television? Up until the change to digital I would have answered that as a yes, but we lost some of our favorite stations and that cut into our TV watching considerably. Then several weeks ago an electrical storm took out our Amplifier and Rotator on the antenna, and we don't get any station now. We have the parts to fix it, and are waiting for a cooler day to work on it.

In the meantime, we have watched a few of our shows on and have been reading and working on the computers more. I say we, because dear hubby has reached the point where he is comfortable with his computer, and he really enjoys all the music he has found to listen to. So, most evenings we watch something from hulu for a couple of hours, but the rest of the day we each do our own thing on our computers. We do sit in the same room, at least, and we do talk ... some.

Quite a contrast to those families that practice a Family Game Night, playing board and card games together. I remember us playing some games with our children, but not on a regular basis. I wish we had.

This reverie into days gone by was prompted by listing this old Game of States board game my dear hubby may have played with as a child. It must not have been one of his favorite games, though, as it is in too good a shape to have seen much use. You see, both of us were fairly good sized before our families got a TV, so our leisure time was not ruled by electronics the way it is now.

So, do you have a Family Night without television? What kinds of things do you do with your family? Does everyone enjoy it, or is it seen by some as cutting into TV, texting, or electronic game time?

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