Monday, August 03, 2009

McDonald's - King of the Advertising Premiums!!

I don't know that my title is accurate, but it certainly seems so. Premiums have always been a traditional part of advertising on the part of many companies, and we enjoy looking for advertising collectibles when we go on our Date Day, and have several from different companies for sale in our Dirty Butter Collectibles Catalog. But I am always amazed when I do the research on what I think is going to be some obscure item, only to find many similar items for sale on the internet. These free things from the past just LAST!

Such was my surprise when I did the research for the Garfield and Odie glass coffee mugs shown here, which were give-aways from McDonald's in the late 70's. Their quality is extremely high, and it just amazes me that a company that sells such cheap food could give away such a high quality item. But they did, and perhaps still do, so it works for them. Says something about their profit margin, doesn't it??

I know families go to McDonald's because of the playgrounds, but I also know that my dear hubby ate lunch at McDonald's over an extended period of time just to collect all the 101 Dalmatian puppies for our grandson! Obviously, we are not the only ones who eat the burgers to get the toys. LOL!!

So if you like Garfield comics and want some different coffee cups, you might like to take a look at our pair of these 70's premium collectible mugs in our Catalog.

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