Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where Have All the Manners Gone??

OK, I know I'm old, and I realize things change over time. But I'm so sorry to see that one of the old ways that has been ignored by with new generations is plain good manners.

I watched a young man push his way through an exit door at a store the other day and slap the closing door in the face of an older woman coming behind him. Obviously, it never occurred to him to hold the door for the split second it would have taken to glance and see if anyone was behind him, old or young.

It's certainly evident every time you walk down a busy street. People used to automatically flow around oncoming "traffic". Now they barrel ahead and expect you to get out of their way.

And speaking of traffic ... well, the lack of manners behind the wheel is so rampant that we have invented a new phrase - road rage.

I could go on and on, but I do want to relate something I saw yesterday that leaves a glimmer of hope for this lost art yet. I watched a young mother with her 8 or 10 year old son going into a service station. When she reached the door the mom did not do what most would have done. She did not reach for the door. Rather, there was a barely perceptible pause at the door, and then her son opened the door for her. I wanted to get out of the car and go running to her to thank her for teaching her son how to be a gentleman!!

I know my own sweet hubby still goes around to my side of the car to help me get in and out. He helps me put on or take off my jacket. He walks on the street side of us on the sidewalk. He opens doors for me. And I could go on and on. He makes me feel special!! And how much time does it take him?? None, really. But it speaks volumes about the man that he is.

So I applaud this mom for teaching her son to use good manners in this day and time.

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