Monday, December 07, 2009

The Day that Will Live in Infamy

Today is December 7th. I wonder to how many people that means anything?? In case you're one of the ones who doesn't know what it represents, it's the day of the Pearl Harbor bombing during World War II. We've only had a few such dates that have rung out across the ages - Remember the Maine - Remember the Alamo - 9/11... Do YOU know what all of them mean? Do YOU commemorate them??

Personally, I'm old enough to commemorate December 7th, and obviously 9/11. I don't have any trouble knowing the history of the Alamo, because I grew up to the Davy Crockett movies and TV shows. I remember the situation with the Maine during the Spanish American war, because historians suggest that the whole thing was "blown" out of proportion to drum up a war, so two rival newspapers could increase their circulation!

It's so sad to think that such defining moments in history lose their importance to most people over time. I pray that the citizens of the United States will remember fallen heroes from past battles and value their history. If we don't learn from the past, we are destined to repeat it!!

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Great blog! Happy 2010!
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