Sunday, March 28, 2010

67 years

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a very enjoyable one. But when I see the numbers creeping up toward 70, I am coming to realize that I am getting "old". Now old is a very subjective thing. There was a time in my life when 40 sounded old, and 80 still sounds old to me. But for the first time I think, I'm actually hit by the number of years I've managed to accumulate.

And it shows on my body, too. The skin on my hands has gotten thin, just like my mother's did. My skin is getting dry, too - even my face - after spending my whole life fighting oily skin on my face. I'm using lotion a lot, and that's one of my childhood memories of my grandmother. And the body is showing the sagging skin, too. So I get a daily reminder as I look in the mirror that time is passing.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Several years ago I was using a walker, and having trouble moving even with that. I was diagnosed at that time with Parkinson's and on several high powered medicines. In time, I graduated to a cane, as the meds helped some. Then, my diagnosis was changed to Essential Myoclonus, which is still a movement disorder, but more treatable. With a change of meds I began to improve slowly and started Physical Therapy to get some of my strength back. I started using the cane only when we went to unfamiliar places on our Friday Date Day yard and estate sale hunting trips.

Then I had a set back, as I was getting weaker again, and was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. We've spent the last year improving our diet, and I've increased my exercise program, in an effort to control my blood glucose readings. And for the most part, I've been successful. The terrible weak feeling is gone, hopefully for good.

I'm exercising more, and have started using a manual treadmill and a recumbent bike. I can now go up and down stairs and fairly steep driveways on Fridays without using the cane at all.

So, yes, the mirror tells me my body is getting older. But I am feeling younger!! I eat a healthy diet, control my weight, and I exercise. I keep my mind active by learning new facets of computer programming. I'm currently learning a lot about php and wordpress.

All my family on my Daddy's side lived to be in their 90's or more. Daddy lived to 102. I've always said that I have good genes, and now I'm beginning to believe it. So today I celebrate being 67 years YOUNG!


Jackie said...

A belated happy birthday. I turned 65 in March.

I know what you mean about thin skin, just the slightest knock to my forearms leaves what looks like a strawberry birthmark and takes weeks to go away and we won't even discuss sagging skin LOL!

Jackie said...

Whoops, pressed the enter button before I finished.

Sorry to hear about the diabetes. One advantage of being Vegan, we don't seem to get it and by becoming Vegan many are cured. Might be worth a try? See

Dirty Butter said...

I've learned a lot from your site, Jackie. I'm not going to go Vegan, but we do eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, and a lot less meat than we used to. AND, thanks to you, we eat a lot more raw!

Robert said...

Belated happy birthday! :o)

You are 10 years older than me, but I can already see a much older person looking back at me in the mirror than the one I feel! Having young children, I'm really keen to survive for another couple of decades if I can, to see them grow up.

I'm not vegan either, nor thinking of going that way, but like you I try to incorporate lots of fruit and vegetables in our family meals. Type II diabetes has been a frequent visitor to members of my family, and I'm hoping that it will miss me out!