Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Today is Election Day, a day I've been personally voting on for 46 years straight. Whether it's raining, cold, inconvenient, or you think it won't matter if you do or not, go VOTE! Yeah, yeah, I know you've been told that lots of times before, but if you are an American citizen of legal age to vote, you should exercise this right. If we become so complacent or apathetic as a nation that voting is no longer considered to be important, then we really are in decline, as some of the more negative folks are saying.

I don't pretend to tell you who to vote for, or which party to support. But voting is an act of Patriotism just as surely as serving in the military. It doesn't cost anywhere near as much, of course, but it's a price we can all pay. So go be inconvenienced, if you have to. At least you won't be driving down a road expecting to be blown up any second...yet.

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