Monday, January 10, 2011

Assassination Memories

I remember exactly where I was when I found out JFK had been assassinated. It's a moment frozen in time for me. I remember seeing the assassination of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King over and over again on TV. I remember the attempt to assassinate George Wallace when he was running for President. I had watched him first hand at the infamous "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" while I was a student at the University of Alabama. I remember seeing the Kent State Massacre on TV when it happened. I've seen way too many shocking killings over the years, from the Oklahoma bombing to Columbine to 9/11. And now I can add this senseless Tuscon killing spree to my list of horrible memories.

There's no way to justify murder. But I'm also horrified to hear that the Phelps family of religious "zealots" may boycott the funerals of the innocent people who were killed in Tucson. I'm Baptist, and they make me sick. I know there were Old Testament prophets who had unpopular messages from God, but I can't reconcile their perverted sense of purpose with the God of the Bible. The overpowering message of the Bible is that GOD IS LOVE. And there's nothing loving about intruding on the grief of a funeral.


Jan said...

People who use tragic events to promote their own religious or political purposes are beyond contempt.

I remember one TV commentator saying that we all killed John Kennedy. We were a violent society. I never watched the idiot again.

Dirty Butter said...

Well, what that commentator said is being said today, too, but aimed at the Conservatives. The one you speak of was an idiot and so are these. Whatever sells.

Anji said...

I cannot understand how some people think they are 'speaking' for God.

I remember the day Kennedy was killed too. TV in the UK ground to a halt to cover it.

I love the textured background to this blog.

Dirty Butter said...

I like the linen weave background, too, Anji. This blog matches our Vintage Collectibles Shoppe look, but I hope to completely redo the Shoppe this year. It needs a major makeover.

As for speaking for God? God expects us to use discernment, and spouting hate speech at funerals is a dead give-away to me that these people do NOT speak for HIM!

I follow you on ExposeYourBlog.

Frank King said...

Knowing the God of the Bible, there is no way for anyone or group to justify boycotting the funerals of innocent victims, and say they are doing this in the name of our Lord. Those who verbally express the intent to do so give Christianity a bad name. Being a Christian myself, I take this personally.

Dirty Butter said...

We do, too, Rev. King!!! I am reminded of Jeremiah and his message of doom for a sin filled nation. It's the Phelps' choice of the way to get that message across that is so terribly offensive.

Thanks for stopping by from ExposeYourBlog!

stefani said...

I am happy they did not show up. A lot of people showed up at the funeral prepared to block any view of the protesters.

I have no memories of when Kennedy was killed as I am too young. One thing I never expected though was to have memories of my hometown becoming an "incident". :-(

Dirty Butter said...

Having grown up in Birmingham, AL, during the beginnings of the Civil Rights era, I've known what it's like to see terrible things happening in your home town. I'm sorry for your personal connection with this tragedy.

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